All the goodness of iPhone OS 3.0 aside, the one thing you’ve probably noticed after updating your iPhone or iPod touch is how quickly its battery is draining. I certainly did, along with many other users. The battery life of my iPhone 3G is now barely […]


All the goodness of iPhone OS 3.0 aside, the one thing you’ve probably noticed after updating your iPhone or iPod touch is how quickly its battery is draining.

I certainly did, along with many other users. The battery life of my iPhone 3G is now barely six hours, a huge departure from the 12+ hours or so I would get with 2.2.1. And even though I’d experienced a decrease in battery life with the beta builds of 3.0 back in May, the battery never drained at a rate as alarming as this. Now, it depletes 10 percent every hour even while the phone is left doing absolutely nothing.

My first thought was that push notification must be the cause of this. But even after turning off push notification, the battery continued to drain at an alarming rate. After some investigation, it would seem that the culprit is, instead, iPhone’s push mail setting.

To turn off push for all mail accounts, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home screen, tap the “Settings” icon.
    iPhone Settings Step 1
  2. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”
    iPhone Settings Step 2
  3. Tap “Fetch New Data.”
  4. Turn off “Push.” This turns off push, in one step, for all email accounts that are enabled for it, while preserving the “Fetch” settings you may have already set for every account.
  5. Reboot your iPhone. To do that, hold down the Sleep/Wake button (the one at the top) until you see the red slider appear, then drag the slider.
    iPhone Sleep Wake Button

After your iPhone has restarted, you should see an improvement in its battery life. Leave a comment, and tell us if this works for you!

  1. Problem here is that Push HAS to be enabled (along with Location Services) for Find My iPhone to work. What I did was leave Push enabled, but change MobileMe mail itself from Push to Fetch (along with my work Exchange acct). So “push” is on, but none of the mail is actually pushing…and at this point, my battery life seems to be more or less normal.

    My settings: 3G & Bluetooth off, Wi-Fi on (not searching), location services, push notifications, mail push all ON, all mail accts set to fetch hourly rather than push. After normal use without any iPod playback, at the end of the day I was on 2 hr 20 min use and 9 hr standby, and was still at 67%…not great, but good enough (I find I use an iPod Shuffle for music/podcasts most days).

    1. I have Push turned off on my 3G and Find my iPhone works pretty well. Location Services has to be on, but I don’t think Push needs to be on.

    2. I had the problem of not holding a charge and also my phone not wanting to charge at time and the constant buzz on my pc speakers from data traffic on the phone, but I figured out what it was, I had a cracked version of text free unlimited on my phone and once I unistalled it the constant buzz stopped imediately and also my battery life returned to normal like it was with 2.21, hope this helps someone

    3. The Push setting was it for me, turned it off and my battery life went way way up, at least double, thanks for the info, it really,really helped.

    4. i used to play on my iphone for hours and i never had problems before, then suddenly my battery drains big time could it be one of the apps that i have downloaded? is using it while charging a bad idea? i dont think so but then this happened

  2. Funny but I have had the exact opposite effect. Since the installation of OS 3.0, I have seen an improvement in my battery life. Not huge but it does seem a little better.

  3. My Push was already turned off but my battery life sucks anyway

    1. Emily Villavicencio Monday, July 6, 2009

      Same here. Push was already off. My battery life is about 6 hours vs. WAY longer before. It’s terrible.

    2. This freakin OS 3 is crap….. it offers some good stuffs but on the other hand it takes aways ur heart(battery)..

      Same here everything off but still battery just flies away…

    3. 6 hours! Ha that’s great I get 4 hours with my 3gs brand new out the box

  4. Howie Isaacks Thursday, June 25, 2009

    No battery issues here even with Push services turned on. Either way, I’m not going to settle with less functionality to save battery life. If iPhone 3.0 is a battery hog, then Apple needs to fix the problem instead of us needing to change the settings.

    1. I agree that Apple needs to fix this bug!
      Fortunately for you, you are not experiencing the massive lost in battery life. My iPhone is draining itself dry and what’s worse, you cannot even charge it to full capacity. The green bar on the battery life goes up to about half and then it drops down.
      So frustrating :(

  5. btw GPS, Edge, 3G & WiFi are turned off aswell.

  6. Try reinstalling the iPhone 3.0 update, I found that both performance and battery life improve with the 2nd install of any of the iPhone OS updates.

    1. Yeah, That and make sure you reboot it three times.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I try to install each update about twelve times in a row just to grab that last bit of speedy goodness.

    3. I used to install updates 12 times but found that you reach optimum performance after the 8th installation. Everything after 8 is overkill.

    4. Adam/Mark/Trevor/Jeff … you guys serious about the 8 times installing the new update bit? how does that help? can you pls tell me what happens if one installs so many times? i mean whats the difference in each install?

      1. Compasionate Reader Friday, April 30, 2010

        Oh, poor thing ;-) They are just kidding, laughing about Adam’s proposal to reinstall 3.0 update. You bad boyz… ought to be ashamed… You managed to confuse Ajay…

    5. I tried it!

      But only after 9th install did I get optimum battery performance.

      Also, by installing a battery monitor in terminal, I can get good reliable battery results to check each reinstall.

      Now I will check if installing only the kernal 10 times will make the cpu of the iphone faster

  7. I didn’t notice a decrease in battery life with the 3.0 software update.. But i’ll give this a try.. However, I think turning off Push will stop my automatic Google Calendar and Address book sync.

  8. my batt has been BETTER since 3.0 update.
    im getting 20-30% longer life.

  9. Alexander Brooks Thursday, June 25, 2009


    I read somewhere and tried it myself, you should try to recaliberate your battery. This means that you would need to run your phone until all the power drains and then fully recharge it.

    1. i dont believe the battery is that type of battery you should refer to your manual and see for your self, i have a 3gs and it for sure does not have that type of lithium batt it dont work on that kind of cycle!


  10. Same here as Gregg, Batt. life has increased. For me though, I have 3 tenants of battery conservation:

    1. Brightness – Keep it low, like under the “B”, and turn off Auto-Brightness. Adjust to situation manually.

    2. Keep Wi-Fi off – 9/10 times, I’m in 3G which is fast enough. Only time I need it on is downloading big apps or using an appt hat requires it.

    3. Closing apps – Now with 3.0, this is a bit more annoying, but closing down apps that can stay resident, like Safari, does seem to help. I use a memory tool as well to keep my 128MB with as much free memory as possible.

    I only have to ever really charge my phone when I’m sleeping. On a busy day I may need a mid day charge. On weekends, i drain it completely and charge it back up fully.

    1. metagrapher Friday, June 26, 2009

      FYI, the Wi-Fi radio consumes less battery power than the 3G radio. In other news, the BT radio is the most power hungry radio in the device.

      You would be better off to turn 3G off and use Wi-Fi religiously. …and only use BT when you absolutely need it.

      PS: Push notifications are a battery hog, because in order to get ‘push’ed information your 3G radio has to call home every 30 seconds or so. This means that your phone is constantly communicating, which can make for a power hungry hot antenna.

      Another thing to watch out for is how often you are going into and out of 3G zones. If you are on the cusp of 3G service and your device continually slips between 3G/Edge/whatever then you are consuming a lot of battery for this. Every time the service area changes the device must communicate with the network. This, like push notifications, means that your device is using the hot antenna more frequently, and consequently consuming more power.

      FWIW, my phone almost never dies on me unless I am forced to go more than 2 days sans charge.

  11. I had this problem when I updated, my solution was to turn off Notifications, I think that sorta worked, although I’m going to try this one to see if I get more life.

  12. You are right Howwie.
    This Apple thing sucks!
    It would be nice to see this issue to appear in their adds.
    Crazy, huh?
    So the new iPhone has DOWNGRADED previous generation of gadgets.


  13. my iphone seems to be the same. could it be its draining faster because 3.0 is new and your picking up your phone more and more and playing with it?

    as a rule of thumb for ANY rechargeable device you should always charge it fully and drain it down until it dies at least once a month. this will cycle the battery and give you longer lasting batteries.

    1. simonwittber Sunday, July 12, 2009

      No, this is not true.

      Draining lithium batteries is bad, and drastically decreases the life of the battery. Don’t take my word for it, do the research.

    2. @Simon
      Actually, instructions on the Apple site say that fully discharging once a month extends battery life.

  14. The other day I did a full charge and discharge TWICE.

    I then set out at 9AM and went to a cafe. was in airplane mode for 4 hours listening to music.

    Then I set out to dinner and drinks with friends. by 6:30 the phone was dead I used GPS, 3G and a little wi-fi in there. Usage was 6.25 hours before it died.

    I just fully charged it and followed your instructions. let’s see if it improves.

    1. At adamjackson, isn’t 6.25 hrs of usage alot??? From what I’ve read on other forums 5 hrs of usage seems about average. I mean, the specs 3g talk is something like 6 hrs right?

    2. metagrapher Friday, June 26, 2009

      The iPod app seems to take up a fair amount of charge, similar to what it would if it were a normal iPod, I’ve found. This is probably related to the fact that the iPod is one of the few background apps that can run.

      Do not expect this fix to do much for your battery life while you are in airplane mode. This fix encourages your phone to use the 3G radio less, but this fix cannot have any effect at all if the 3G radio is off to begin with.

    3. This is good I would say! When i first got my iphone 3g it would go all day with lots of use… music and internet… and it would still have like half a battery left. Now after 5 months on, and after installing the OS 3.0 software, it dies within about 1.5 hours of internet wifi use, or like 2 hours of music/calls… its pathetic… if I cant find an answer Im going to have to get a new phone, because I cant have a phone that only lasts for a few hours while Im out.
      I wont be buying a new iphone/model of it until… the battery is at least twice as long, the camera is at least 5 MP, and everything is more reliable and easy to install etc…it’s such a dispointment.
      Apple really need to improve their game if they are going to continue to target business men/people who rely on their phone to work!
      Blackberrys have less functions, but by god they are so much more reliable.

    4. Hi Fiona,

      Try the solution by
      jonnyBGood on August 12th, 2009 at 4:12 pm
      further down below. it seemed to have worked for my phone.

  15. My issue is signal quality now with the 3GS. I used to get full signal in my office, but now it’s up and down and I can blow through 50% of my battery before the work day is up. Then once I’m in the rest of my house, the phone will stay at 50% for the rest of the night. It’s strange, and I hope that it’s rectified here shortly. If not, I might try and take it back for a replacement. My wife’s 3G gets five bars when I have 1 or 2, in the same place.

    1. AREED! My signal is terrible in my new 3GS – side by side with my wife’s 3G, the 3GS is 2-3 bars LOWER all the time! What gives!?!

  16. You don’t have to continually turn WiFi on & off.

    The iPhone has a timer that will turn the WiFi chip off after 30 minutes if no applications is sending/receiving data (even when WiFi is set to ‘on’).

    1. Except it will actively look for SSIDs when not connected, thus expending more power usage.

    2. metagrapher Friday, June 26, 2009

      The power required to passively look for SSIDs is minimal. The Wi-Fi is the least power hungry radio on the device.

    3. In my experience, connecting to WiFi network does NOT drain battery much, whereas searching for SSID drains battery at least as much as I would care to save.
      I would turn it off whenever I don’t need to search for one.

  17. Seriously stupid, uninformed article. The author hasn’t done his research.

    Note that at least one and possibly two of the links he provides to “others with the problem” lead to sites talking about the hacked beta of 3.0 not the released one.

    If you read the only good link (Apple support forums), almost everyone who mentions the problem either fixed it with a hard reset, or if they still have it, they basically admit to hacking around on their phone and obtaining the OS 3.0 before it was released, playing with push notifications before they were released etc.

    1. Sorry you feel that way. Please don’t be a killjoy.

      Everyone else either found the article helpful or are using this as a discussion place to figure out what really might be the issue and what has/hasn’t worked from them.

      Cheer up.

  18. Forgot to mention: For me, with push turned on Wifi turned on auto brightness turned on etc etc. I have an *increase* in battery life with 3.0 also.

  19. at adamjackson, isnt 6.25 hrs of usage alot??? I mean, specs for 3g talk time is around 6 hrs right? (I assume 3G data is no different) from reading the macrumors forum seems like around 5 hrs of usage is average?

  20. I have also found an Increase in Battery life.. From what i have read, those who have found a decrease in battery life may want to look at the possibility that they are using their phone more with the new OS??

    1. I am so tired of this response. If you read the complaints, i have an original iphone and a 3G, i can charge them to 100%, go to sleep with the phone just sitting there, when i wake up they are both at 20% or less. ZERO use!

      1. I agree, if your battery is better with the new OS, good for you – but I am finding i get about 4-5 hours off a full charge, and that is assuming I don’t actually make any calls. I don’tuse it for email at all, have only the apps you can’t delete on there, all of them mostly disabled to try to squeeze an extra few minutes out of the battery. This is my third phone in less than a year for this problem since the guys at the Apple store keep replacing it for me. Definitely not getting another one.

    2. Do you have it set to check email every 15 minutes?

  21. Nick,

    OMG, Thanks! That was the problem. I almost never used my iPhone before the upgrade to 3.0, but with the addition of the voice recorder and landscape keyboard, I’m using it 24/7 and didn’t realize that would run down the battery quicker until you mentioned it.

    Com’on! Why do people reply with answers like this? It’s a little insulting, don’t you think? Do you really think we don’t know if we’re using our phone more? It also annoys me when people respond with tips on maximizing our battery life. We don’t need lectures on how to use our phones correctly. Again, it’s you assuming we’re not smart enough to know how batteries and power consumption work — not to mention being completely irrelevant to the actual question at hand.

    I’m sure most of us know our normal usage and we know when the battery is lasting MUCH less time than it was under similar use. Telling us to dim our screen doesn’t address the fact that the battery is draining faster. It’s saying you’re smarter than us and we your help because we’re neophytes.

    I happen to be a 40 y/o IT professional with a number of IT certifications. I only say that so you will get that I understand technology. And even if I didn’t, people are reporting a loss of 20% an hour — stating in their notes that it’s happening even when they are not using their phones. All you have to do is read the note and you can see it has nothing to do with screen brightness or extra use. Almost everyone has stated it’s happening when the phone is standing by.

    Personally, I have mapped the drain based on various uses. With brand new restored phone (just 3.0) and with push, email, bluetooth, and wifi off, I lose 1% every three hours when the phone is just sitting there unused. This is exactly what should be expected given the 300 hours of standby time Apple claims.

    However, add an email address, with EVERYTHING set to manual and push turned off, and suddenly I start to lose 3% a minute. Something is wrong with that. Since push is off and I’m not checking my email (or using my phone in any way), I should not be losing any more battery life. And yes, I’m sure everything is off.

    OK, same settings but checking email: I can lose 1% every 2 minutes. That is insane. that means I have about 200 minutes of battery life if I’m downloading a large file via email. My wife sent me an MP3 and it got stuck at 9.1MB for an hour (thanks to AT&T’s stellar network) and I lost 30%! I should be getting no less than 5 hours on 3G, but I’m getting less than 3 1/2 hours at that rate. Maybe I’m expecting too much though. Perhaps 3.5 hours of download time is not unexpected, but I take 3G “talk” time to be just that; five hours of my phone talking to the network. But it could take into consideration that you’re reading pages in between page loads.

    I should get 540 minutes of video according to Apple’s site. That would be a loss of 1% every 5.4 minutes. Mine lasts about 6.5 minutes, giving me even more.

    In my opinion, it’s the broadband radio that is using too much power. Though I just don’t know what is going on that it uses six times as much power when an email address is configured; using all manual settings vs. no email configured. Some conversation must be happening somewhere when an email address is configured that doesn’t happen when it’s not. It’s most likely a bug, I think.

    I don’t have nearly the problem others have though. I’m just annoyed that I lose so much battery life just by configuring an all-manual email address. Though I also get annoyed at seeing my battery drop 2% just because I check my email. I have five accounts I need to check, and at the rate of 1% every two minutes, checking five accounts adds up quick.

    1. TL;DR….self important douche is self important douche…thats all that needed to be said

    2. @Bah – actually you’re the douche. TJLeeland’s post was very informative, thank you TJ. I’ve been experiencing the same problem just after installing 3.0, and I think this might be the cullprit. I have 2 email accounts configured, but I rarely use them anyway. I might just take them off and see if the battery improves, because lately it’s been draining to empty in a single day with almost no phone use. :/

    3. nah, pretty sure Bah was right on.. self important douche is self important douche

  22. I had the similiar problem (complete drain after 3 hours) so brought my 3G phone into an apple store where they performed some diagnostics on it which did show some issues. I was told to perform a restore from iTunes, but do not restore from a backup. The iTunes software automatically erased everything from the iphone, reinstalled the 3.0 software and a new sync replaced all my data and apps. While it did take some time, it was flawless, and my battery life is now probably better than before I originally updated to 3.0, even with everything activated, push, fetch, wifi, etc.

  23. I restored to factory default and configured the phone to have:

    1. Push On for one MobileMe account. Other MobileMe and Gmail accounts set to Manual Fetch.
    2. 3G ON, WiFi ON, BT OFF, Location ON, Push Notification OFF, FMI OFF

    This has regained the pre-OS 3.0 battery life.

    Based on my personal experience, Push Notification for Apps is the culprit. Although I have yet to test if FMI also contributes greatly to the battery drain.

  24. I’m doing some texting right now, and I’m seeing a high drain on the battery. Like 1% every three minutes, give or take depending on how many messages are flying back and forth.

    Rom, I think you’re right that push is what’s causing most people to see a problem. but I suspect that the true underlying issue is that the radio sucks up a huge amount of battery power with every communication. Push is just an enabler for the real problem.

  25. Sally B,

    I did that twice. At first it was great, but just in standby with no email address configured. It still drains at a rate of 1% every 2 minutes when texting, downloading, or checking email. In standby mode with no email, it looks like I would get the full 300 hours.

    Of course, you might have had different problems than I did.

  26. Push has been off; was off before the upgrade and is still off. And …. battery life is definitely not what it was.

  27. I kept my settings from 2.2.1 and I know how much the battery drains on a given day with the amount of usage it gets — 3.0 takes a little more juice, that’s the bottom line.

  28. Great feedback, everyone. It does seem that this is a problem affecting only some users.

    I am happy to inform you that Apple is aware of the problem. I filed a bug report last night via iPhone Dev Center, and I was given a configuration setting to install—much like a Provisioning Profile—that logs battery usage. I’ll be sure to report back when there is further development to this.

    1. My battery not only is draining faster, this morning – after charging all night, it was very warm and the screen was dimmed. This never happened with my old one – I upgraded to a 3Gs last week. It charged normal until I found it warm this morning. It is now cooled and screen appears normal but using battery with no use.

      Anyone else have this problem?

    2. Me.

    3. Zelma, its funny that you mention it. I dont have as much of a problem with the battery (i think it lasts a bit longer than my 3G) but i have noticed that the 3Gs gets really hot sometimes when i have it charging on my computer. It doesn’t happen everytime, but I have experienced it at least 4 times since i bought the phone less than a week ago. My 3G iphone never did that.

      Ive also had an issue over the past 2 days where the phones screen would randomly freeze up for varying amounts of time (usually less than a min) where the phone wont let me tap anything on the screen. I just tap and the phone doesn’t respond, even though (for example) i can see the time change in the background meaning the phone itself isnt frozen, just the tap feature. Its wierd, and its nothing i experienced on the 3G. I was wondering if this is an issue im just experiencing, or if its an actual prob with the iPhone 3GS.

      (P.S. i did call apple support, and they told me the usual…reset all settings, and then if it the phone does it again restore firmware….but that obviously didnt help cus it happened this morn. i forgot to ask about the heating up issue tho)

  29. Andrew Sleigh Friday, June 26, 2009


    The reboot is the thing that fixed my 3GS for me as I have previously turned off several of the high drain settings with no effect. Last night it only drained 2% compared to 15% the previous night, as a first time user I am now much happier.

    Looks like the settings are not being picked up as you change them by one or more system/downloaded apps, but do after a reboot.

    Now to switch things back on, one by one…

  30. I had the same problem under 3.0 with battery drainage, but have investigated further to find a solution. I have:
    – iphone 3G (jailbroken)
    – Mail PUSH option under the “Settings” icon has always been OFF (I’ll come back to this)
    – I synchronize manually 2 accounts: a GMAIL account configured with the GMAIL icon under the option “Add account”, and my corporate OUTLOOK account using MS Exchange ActiveSync
    – wifi, bluetooth, GPS have always been ON
    – 3G is OFF
    – with exactly these options, the phone ran well under 2.1

    Yesterday morning at 6am, I had charged the battery over night to 100%. I rebooted the device and did not use it. At 9am I was still at 96% (thats OK). Then I synchronized manually my mails (Gmail and corporate outlook), and I could watch the digital battery indicator drop. After 15 Minutes (reading and sending mails via wifi), the phone was very hot, and the battery was at 77%.

    I then deactivated the GMAIL account under “settings” and rebooted, did Mails again, and the battery continued to drop (note I have no PUSH mail activated – its always manual synchronization). Then I completely removed the GMAIL account from my iphone, now after reboot, and using only my corporate account with MS Exchange, the battery drainage is OK.

    I made a further test, since I have journal applicatins such as “New York Times online”, “Le Figaro online” etc,

    After having opened them once the same problem with battery drainage comes back. Even when the application is closed again, the problem persists. Using a tool called SBSETTINGS, I realized that some of these online journal applications keep on opening the iphone MAIL processes in the background. Fortunately, using SBSETTINGS, you can kill the MAIL process with a simple click and the day is saved.

    In my view some of the 3rd party applications – even those available through APPSTORE have not been well coded for 3.0 and even if PUSH option is OFF, the start the MAIL processes in the background. SOLUTION: Jailbreak, install SBSETTINGS kill the Mailprocesses when they should not run. Its a bypass but it worked for me.

    1. you are wrong…..

      The problem is with OpenSSH and not SBSettings.

      If you have a jailbroke phone here are the steps to fix the heat and battery drain.

      1. Uninstall SBSettings
      2. Install OpenSSH
      3. Install SBSettings
      4. Go into SBSettings and turn off OpenSSH

      Working, cool, phone.

      The rest of you are idiots.


        I just restored my 3GS last night and re-JB everything.. then today I started having all those battery drain and warm iphone problem.

        Apparently, it’s true, I reinstalled openSSH AFTER SBSettings, and it doesn;t show up in SBSettings as it should have been. Unsure, I removed openSSH. The battery drain continued.

        Then I read your comment and gave it a shot: uninstalled SBSettings, reinstalling openSSH and THEN reinstalling SBSettings.

        It works WONDER baby! :D

        Jonny B Good, I’d kiss you if I were gay.

    2. What a bonehead comment considering there is not one resolution to asll battery drain issues.

  31. I am getting an even weirder issue. My battery shows full up after a full day — I plug it in and it shows that it is full — and it can’t be. An hour later, it is at 20%. Any suggestions?

    Also, how are you knowing % of drain? can we see % on the battery bar — if so, how do I set it?

    Thanks — from a basically non-techie!

  32. This is not really new ….

    I am on my 3rd iPod touch 1G and it still drains completely full battery with WiFi, Location services and Push completely off! Apple’s position is completely ridiculous on this (they are determined to keep giving me a new one 1G until it works …. LOL). Last time they suggested I invest another 10 bucks into 3.0 OS …. I laughed and said never again am I paying for any iPod, iPhone family product. Oh, another Apple’s suggestion was to turn the unit off (instead of using sleep button …) every time I am done using it ….. I thought they were joking, but the tech was actually serious.

    I have nothing against Apple, but some of their thinking a problem solving is hard to believe.

  33. I’ve found that it’s bad apps that keep running. I think it’s either Facebook or Tweetie that’s the culprit. Anyone else?

    1. I have no apps installed, only the ones supplied by Apple …

    2. That’s what the tech told me (AT&T, BTW why in the world is an AT&T tech guy on an apple phone line?!), bad third party apps could be draining my battery. Bullshit. Same problem, my battery dies quickly even while on stand by and jumps around from 92 to 94 to 88. Even 22 to 33 to 44 back down to 20, in a matter of minutes! I talked to an actual Apple tech today and he said that couldn’t be the problem and told me to restore from a new phone rather than back up. I’m testing that out now, i’ll see how that works.

  34. how do you know that they are still running?

    1. use SBSettings software when jailbroken

  35. George Hawkins Friday, June 26, 2009

    My iPhone is on order thru AT&T store 20 miles away. If I am in wrong place, tell me, please. AT Apple Store 65 miles away, I was unable to buy a phone! I started the “buy” on line; system got to point of you now have authorization to buy and save, you need to go to nearest Apple Store. I got there, and they said this does NOT indicate my name is in the system. THEY start in same procedure I started, and got to same point. BOTTOM line is so stupid: they are unable to finish the purchase procedure (I did not care if I walked out with a phone or not), BUT they were unable to purchase and save or ship direct to me.
    I wasted 175 miles and the time involved!
    It’s so difficult and round about to speak to anyone who has concern. All the phones are automated.

    1. metagrapher Friday, June 26, 2009

      I am having difficulty understanding how this is related at all to the issue at hand.

    2. Word of advice….if you cant find an iPhone 3Gs anywhere….Go to Walmart and buy it. Thats where I got my 3Gs. And i bet you they wont be out of stock.

      Before that, I went to Apple, they were sold out but only had the 32GB. Went to AT&T and they were sold out. Went to Best Buy, they were sold out. I asked all those places each time if they knew somewhere else i could get it, and they all told me that they were sold out everywhere in the city (im in San Antonio) and that i would have to order onliine (and wait like 10 days) or just wait till they got a shipment (which they said they are never told when they are gonna come in)

      Anyways, i decided to try my luck and walked into good old wally world, and they had that sh*t stocked up the a**. loool. It makes sense tho, walmart, unlike apple, actually knows a little something about supply chain management and managing inventories. Plus, i saved $2 hahha. suck it apple lol

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  37. Has anyone else noticed a marked decrease in overall speed with the 3.0 update? I almost want the last OS back because everything has slowed down so much.

  38. Like many others in this post, I found battery life to be increased after installing 3.0, as well as a speed-up in certain situations…

  39. [...] Clayton Lai on Battery Saving Tips via [theAppleBlog] [...]

  40. since installing 3.0 on my 3G battery life has dropped significantly (by more than 50%) and wifi no longer works (access points appear the first time after a reboot and then disappear once i try a connection). Tried a factory reset to no avail, as it won’t go back to os 2. Only thing it fixed is wake time, took 5 seconds to see a reaction upon pressing the button, now it is almost back to normal.

    I am very disappointed by apple, if you give people access to only limited settings you need to be flawless. If this isn’t fixed quickly, my next phone will be android.

  41. SSH is off.?

  42. I noticed apps (like facebook, mail, etc) that keep running in the background are causing this battery draining. After some reading, I found out that from 3.0 on, you’ll have to hold the power-button until the red slider appears, then hold the “home”-button, to force-quit apps… This solves the drain issue for me.

  43. I also having problems on recieving a call, and it happened just after upgrading to 3.0,
    can you help me on that,
    you are more than welcomed to send me a private email,



  44. I had the same problem with my battery as well. The fix was simple. All you have do is do a hard reset. Then let your battery drain completly(until the phone dies) then recharge completly.That’s it. I’ve had no trouble what so ever since. Good luck!!!!

  45. I had greatly diminished battery life after switching to a refurb phone from Apple. I noticed that my ‘Usage’ time was identical to my ‘Stand By’ time which should never be the case unless you never let your phone lock. Anyway, it seems that something gets hung up in a connection to the network and the phone will stay active even after the screen turns off.

    Surprisingly, I stumbled across what seems to be a fix, but I have not run extensive enough tests to prove this theory.

    Fix: While your phone is turned on, pop out the sim card tray so that your phone says ‘No Sim’ and then just put it back in (if this does not work, try removing the sim while the phone is on and then rebooting without the sim. Replace the sim after the phone has completed rebooted). This has fixed my constant ‘Usage’ problem, but as I said, I discovered this fix like 5 hours ago and I have not been able to extensively test to see if the problem will return.

    The good news is iPhone OS 3.1 was released as beta today so maybe, just maybe this is a software issue that will be fixed in the 3.1 patch.


    1. Justin, you’re the man! Thanks very much for sharing your fix. For my particular problem, your idea not only worked perfectly, but was by far the easiest solution.
      Something obviously got hung up and loopy and your diagnosis was right on the money because my usage time and standby time were identical.
      Thanks again.

  46. Just for the record, I have also faced significant degradation of my iPhone 3G battery life after the 3.0 update.
    Of course, by using it exactly the same way I do every single day!
    Let’s hope the 3.1 update will address this issue.


  47. -3G: ON
    -WIFI: OFF
    -Localisation: OFF
    -PUSH: ON
    -Luminosité à moitié avec réglage automatique: ON
    -Tout le reste, paramétrage usine

    Durant ce test, toujours connecté en 3G avec 5 barres:

    —> 100%

    le 30/06:
    15h05: 1 sms envoyé
    15h05-15h20: Facebook (15min) —> 97%
    15h20-15h23: Relevé de courrier sur 1 compte (3min) —>96%
    15h23-15h27: Safari (5min) —> 93%
    15h27-16h05: Tv d’Orange avec pas mal de zapping + son a fond (via haut parleurs) (40min) —> 72%
    16h05-17h20: Veille (75min) —>71%
    17h20-17h25: Un appel (5min) —>71%
    17h25-17h47: Veille (22min) —>69%
    17h47-17h50: Facebook (3min)—>69%
    17h50-23h20: Veille (5h30) —>67%
    23h22-23h56: Appel (32min) + les sims pour essayer lors d’un appel (5min) —>56%
    23h56-00h25: Veille (29min) —>55%

    le 01/07:
    00h25- 00h30: Envoi 5 sms (5min) —>54%
    00h30-12h44: Veille (12h14) —>50%
    12h44-12h48: 2 sms (4min) —>48%
    12h48-13h33: Veille (45min) —>48%
    13h33-13h50: Tv d’Orange (17min) —> 42%
    13h50-13h52: Envoi 2 sms (2min) —>41%
    13h52-13h54: Relevé de courrier sur 2 comptes (2min) —> 41%
    13h54-13h56: Facebook (2min) —>40%
    13h56-14h17: Veille (21min) —> 39%
    14h17-15h16: iPod + écouteurs (playlist donc écran éteint sans changement de musique) (59min) —>36%
    15h20-15h25: Visionnage d’un clip vidéo (5min) —>33%
    15h26-16h02: Safari + iPod avec pas mal de changement de musique (toujours via casque audio) (36min)


    Temps de veille total: 1256 min soit 20h56min
    Temps d’utilisation total: 235min soit 3h55min

    Voilà voilà mon test, qu’est-ce que vous pensez de l’autonomie, ça me semble bof quand même…

  48. Sally B. nailed it on the head. I restored the phone but DID NOT restore from a previous backup (lost everything) to eliminate the egregious battery life produced from upgrading to 3.0.

    If you want to fix the battery problem, you’ll have to lose a lot of preferences and reinstall your old apps, but it is worth it. No problems battery problems now (but there are still other bugs I’ve noticed).

    1. Was the backup you had restored from that of a jailbroken 2.x installation?

  49. Just want to add some more data points.

    My upgrade process was:
    1. Download the newest ipsw file from Apple
    2. Restore the phone via iTunes using the new ipsw
    3. Install redsn0w
    4. Installed ultrasn0w
    5. Restored the iphone from old backup.

    My settings are:
    1. 3G and WiFi enabled
    2. Bluetooth and Edge turned off
    3. Push disabled

    First after the upgrade, I did enable push but saw a really dramatic battery drain. Then I disabled push and restarted the phone. Battery life is now excellent, better than before.

    Looking at the usage today, it’s been in stand-by 8h42min and used 1h39min since it was last fully charged. The battery still shows 74% (I just rebooted the phone to make sure it wasn’t just the meeter being stuck). I can’t back it up with any data, but I think it’s an improvement compared to 2.2.

  50. Hi Guys,

    I’ve just figured out why my battery draining so fast, it’s winterboard app, it’s too buggy on 3.0 firmware and draining battery a lot… So try to remove this app and wait for new stable version, also i have bunch of other issues with this app.


    1. I don’t think it’s WinterBoard because it wasn’t in my jailbroken 3.0, and yet the battery was merrily draining away.

  51. I think Sally B is on to something.

    What I did prior to writing this article was updating to the 3.0 GM from 3.0 Beta 5 (and, before that, Beta 4, Beta 3, Beta 2…). The key thing to note is that, after installing the very first 3.0 Beta, I had restored from a jailbroken 2.2.1 backup. I suspected this could be the problem.

    Over the weekend, I restored my iPhone 3G six times in a variety of scenarios to see if I could arrive at some pattern to support my observation above. I also jailbroke 3.0, as I’ve been hearing other users say that also drains the battery.

    The gist of my findings is that if I update to 3.0, and then restore from a jailbroken 3.0 backup, the battery will drain quickly. Jailbreaking a clean 3.0 installation will also result in the battery draining. Turning off both push email and push notification helped stem the battery drain, so there seems to be an issue with how a jailbroken iPhone is communicating with APNS. The iPhone Dev Team is currently investigating this matter.

    If I set up my iPhone 3G as a new phone (i.e., not restoring from any backup), the battery drain problem goes away.

    But, having said that, having push notification turned on does make quite a difference between battery life under 3.0 and the sort of battery life I was accustomed to under 2.2.1.

    So, what I’m really curious now is: How many of you who are facing this battery problem restored from a backup of a jailbroken installation?

    Lastly, since battery life in 2.x never took a hit like this even when restoring from a jailbroken backup, I am as surprised as any one else may be that this is unfortunately happening under 3.0.

    1. Yes, i installed a clean 3.0 and setup everything as new… iPhone working all good.. I miss some of the app when jailbreak, so i jailbreak my 3.0 and it is then that my battery drain started… wifi, btooth, push, notification off…

    2. I have this problem of missing calls, text messages and my iphone constantly transmitting when push is activated;

      As I indeed restored from a backup of a jailbroken installation, I tried a clean full restore.

      Unfortunately that didn’t work.
      My new iphone is not jailbroken whatsoever [jailbroken backup was from my other iphone], so I was wondering if my mobile me account and all the data on the mobile me server is corrupting my clean 3.0 installation when I sync it.

      or is this too far fetched?

  52. Hi everybody.. I’d like to add smth over here, I guess it’s said but anyway.
    I have been using 2.x for long time and no battery issue.. it was jailbroken and used yellowsn0w worked perfect. So I wanted to update it, I have downloaded the .ipsw file from this site and the redsn0w aswell, jailbreaking and ultrasn0wing worked fine, but battery life decreased.
    What I did is, download the offical .IPSW file from itunes 8.2 then used that .ipsw file with redsn0w, now it works like charm.. I guess you people all have to do the same just get the offical ipsw from itunes then jailbreak it with redsn0w.
    i have everything on .. wifi, edge, push and so on, and iphone doesn’t heat up as it used to do before, btw I had to lose all data.
    Take care every1 hope it helps u out.

  53. I am noticing erratic battery behavior and it is not lasting as long as it used to before 3.0… for example last night I was on the phone with 70% battery left then boom phone shuts off, battery is dead. Sometimes when charging it will say its charged and I know its not, then will say its charging.

    I hope 3.1 fixes this… I feel like I need to be connected to an outlet at all times just in case.

  54. The problem is that Apple made the phone a little smaller but slipped in a battery that is 15% smaller. The answer given by Apple is relatively absurd. All of those suggestions will raise battery life but remove the utility of why you bought the phone. Why is it that the Blackberry on any network can last far longer with push services? Perhaps the next suggestion will be “stop talking, you already blab more than is necessary.” The battery life is a real problem and shouldn’t have been released as is. The only available applications that even help with this problem apparently are available only if you “jailbreak” your phone from Apple control and which voids your warranty. It’s a problem, unfortunately, and the battery needs to be replaced for something more power – another item that Applecare and design doesn’t allow you to do.

  55. I thought it was this, so i did do what you said, but still my batter is draining at an alarming rate. i thought that if i deleted some of my applications it may help… it didnt make no difference. im thinking that its probably because of the updates.

  56. Same here. I thought I was the only one, but I´m reading the same symptoms everywhere.

    Wifi, push,.. everything disabled, and I found that my phone is off. I left it charging all night, but…

  57. The battery on iPhone 3G has been draining very fast; the phone is warm and you could feel the battery drain by touching it and how warm the phone is. Interestingly, the phone always shows Usage and Standby exactly same, meaning the phone is in use even when it is kept in standby. I have seen this problem only for the past 3 days, since 1st or 2nd July. I tried resetting it, restarting, disabled push and changed to Fetch 1 hour but nothing seems to help. Worse, it takes infinitely long (several hours) to fully charge it through AC adapter and takes even longer through computer, which indicates the battery is drained while being charged.

    1. Have the same issue since 2 days ago.. ANY FIX. Once I take out the sim it works fine, otherwise CPU idle is less than 40… HEEELLLPP

  58. I thanked the staff for this fix. Previously, my phone’s battery was draining very quickly. When the phone was near any speakers, I can hear it transmitting continuously, possibly trying to fetch data. Tried resetting, restoring etc but to no avail. I even had trying to receive call while this is happening. Tried this fix and it stopped transmitting. Thanks again.

  59. I meant *had problems receiving calls*

  60. Doing a ‘clean install’ of 3.0 fixed these issues for me.

    Had to re-populate my iphone’s music, programs and settings afterward, but it was worth the effort to fix the battery drain issue.

    Actually, getting rid of a bunch of unused apps was nice too.

    I read somewhere that some *old* settings were not properly overwritten when upgrading, and a clean install fixes that. Don’t know, but I can vouch that a clean install of 3.0 fixed my issues.

  61. I had the same issue and decided to download a different copy of the 3.0 firmware and restore my iphone. I have a 2G 8GB iphone. After installing and then Jailbreakunlock with redsn0w-win_0.7.1 and Pwnage, I immediately update cydia (which was crashing often when I first did the 3.0 update) using update essentials. I didn’t install any apps at this point. just ran the iphone some to see if the battery would drain. So far so good. I went ahead and did my back up restore. Ran some of the apps, and verified my settings were back. Battery still at 100%. Its been running at 100% for about 3hours. I don’t use it much, mostly on standby. I want to believe that the firmware i originally downloaded was the culprit. I still notice some lag time when I hit the home button to close an application. But the battery is not running down quickly anymore. So if you decide to reinstall download another copy of the firmware from a different source.

  62. Disabling Push, etc didn’t seem to work for me.

    I ran a few tests and for me its definitely related to the email application.

    If I open it in the morning to check my email, then do regular activity with my phone, by noon my phone is dead.

    I rebooted the phone and did not open the email application in the morning and did my regular daily activities, listening to music for the entire morning, a few calls, etc, by noon my phone is still at full charge.

    My solution for now is to view my mail (gmail) through the browser, but it would be nice to have it fixed.

    Other solutions I’ve heard include using a 3rd party mail app, killing the mail process with SBSettings (Jailbreak only) or clearing the iPhones memory by going to the slide to power off screen and holding home for 6 seconds.

  63. Hi everyone,

    I heard back from Apple:

    This is a follow up to Bug ID# xxxxxxx.  After further investigation it has been determined that this is a known issue, which is currently being investigated by engineering.

  64. Hi folks, I’m using iP 2g. What I’ve noticed is that something is running in the background and eating the CPU cycle. This is the reason for draining the battery. We can experience that while we jumping from one SB page to another.
    If we’re disabling the settings that means this iP 3.0 is lack in functionality, means nothing but simply blaming App Dev team. I experienced this slow down or draining after installing some ipa. Now I downgraded my iP to 2.2.1 everything working well and utilizing less battery. Hope Dev team will fix this issue soon with the arrival of 3.1.

  65. Removing all recently or updated applications, email fetch instead of push and iPhone switch off and on solved my iPhone problem. I was fairly certain that one of the crashed applications was running in background and was draining the battery. Previously the Usage and Standby hours were always equal which led me to believe this background app eating up CPU. I went to iTunes, sorted the applications by date and deleted those after 27th June both in iPhone and iTunes. I am going to enable email push for a day to confirm the crashed app was really the culprit to battery drain. Subra

  66. Hi,

    I have the following issues after upgrading to 3.0:
    -less battery life
    -decreased in GPS functionality (using mobile navigator, there is no signal in 9/10 times.
    -decrease in WIFI functionality (maps app. is now 1-5 kilometers off)

    I tried to downgrade to 2.2.1 (using itunes 8.2 / 8.1 / 8.1.1 with quickpwn) but did not succeed and gave up after about 10 times. Also I rebooted, restored and setup my Iphone as a new device – no change.
    I like the phone, but this is a no go. So there is a lot to do and I hope, apple provide a fix asap.

  67. Here is the update enabling push emaiL. The usage time showed nearly 1/4th of standby time , which is high but unlike the crashed app that ate 100% of resources (usage was same as standby even when the iPhone was not in use). With push enabled, the battery drained to 20% in ten hours with seldom usage (less than an hour). I changed email back to fetch.

  68. [...] it’s completely reasonable to expect push notifications to have some impact on battery life, but this is a bigger functionality issue. for now, it seems that push notifications have a way to go, so they will remain off until the next update to the OS. of course, this might not be the same for all. i’ve found that some people are reporting the opposite case (push mail causing the drain, not push notifications). [...]

  69. The battery is draining on my wife’s first generation iPhone. The phone has never been jailbroken or had a Beta. We were in Japan when we upgraded so the phone was in airplane safe mode, data roaming off, — leading me to conclude that it’s not the network functions.


  70. I purchased my iphone 3g from the UK and while I was still there I updated to version 3.0 and my phone was working fine. The phone had been jailbroken and ultrasnow was being used. I had 3g permanently on and my push function was always on too. Battery life was perfect

    However, having brought the phone back to Malaysia my iphone has been draining all the way. A full charge to 100% will last me on average 12- 24 hours depending on how much I use it.

    I have therefore come to the conclusion that it is the sim card that is affecting my phone. When I was with the O2 carrier it was fine but now being on the Malaysian carrier, all these battery issues have surfaced.

    I currently have 3g,edge,wifi,push all switch off and that has actually helped my battery life but just by abit, nothing like version 2.2.1 and version 3.0( the time while I was still in the UK)

    Hope this helps.

  71. Well, I’ve been disappointed with 3.0 too (after recent upgrade to 3.0, 1st gen. 2G iPhone) – lifetime went from ~4 days to less then 2… But, what the heck?! I did again “restore” from ipsw (this time without restoring backup, made before upgrading). Just did “clean” restore, no data from previous backup, registered as “new” device (under same name), did sync of my music and contacts from Outlook and – iPhone is running 2 days and 19 hours, 3/4 of battery discharged. Mostly use my iPhone as “phone” + player and,occasionally, WiFi access to Internet (not a “heavy” user).
    To mee, it looks that problem with the battery (at least with my iPhone) came from restored backup done while on v.2.2.1.
    Give a try to “fresh” restore – may be it’ll help you too?

  72. 3g 8gb
    jailbroken 3.0

    After upgrading to 3.0 my phone was losing power. And the worst part it was taking forever to charge. Followed the instruction of disabling push and 3g network and blue tooth. A very visible diff in heating ant holding charge problems.
    All in all the 3.0 upgrade was a mixed experience. I hope apple will look into fixing such bugs. Its one of the reason im holding on to buy a 3Gs

  73. I had some of the similar problems people have listed and have found several solutions to my own situation:

    I have 3GS 16GB. I jailbroke it, installed a whole bunch of stuff on it, SBSettings being one of the more useful things. Using SBSettings, I notice that the mail program is the one that gets stuck in memory when it should have been quite. I guess, if you have push or fetch on, it will become activated and draw battery power even when in standby mode. I have wifi on all the time, but I notice that it turns off automatically when locked.

    I just monitor the memory usage and which programs are being run. I noticed that with Wifi off and mail set to fetch every hour my battery was draining like crazy. Probably due to the program unsuccessfully trying the whole time to check email.

    Another issue I had after trying some programs was the incessant electromagnetic buzz near speakers. My phone and wifi were unusable that day due to this interference. The phone was also super hot and kept draining without me doing anything. I was so close to restoring but I figured I’d let the battery die and try it again. Did that, and the buzz stopped, the phone went back to normal and wasn’t hot anymore.

    I don’t use 3G, so i can’t comment on how my phone would perform with it instead of wifi or edge, but now my battery is holding a charge really well. It drops 1 percentage point every few hours or so if I don’t use it during the day. When I do use it, I use several programs at the same time with backgrounder. This does drain the battery faster, but if I quit every program and make sure only the phone function is still running, the battery plays very nicely.

    Now hopefully apple will address these issues soon and we have a new jailbreak. Until then, we are stuck playing monitor the battery game.

  74. http://www.apple.com/batteries/


  75. “Another issue I had after trying some programs was the incessant electromagnetic buzz near speakers. My phone and wifi were unusable that day due to this interference. The phone was also super hot and kept draining without me doing anything. I was so close to restoring but I figured I’d let the battery die and try it again. Did that, and the buzz stopped, the phone went back to normal and wasn’t hot anymore.”

    Want to hear something funny?

    I had the exact same problem and as staff told me I restored the iphone and didn’t backup from an older jailbroken backup.

    Really hoped this would fix it… not :(
    when push was on, it would still give continuous buzz, massive battery drain, incoming phonecalls going straight to voicemail, delayed text messages,…

    I always wifi and push enabled, but 3G disabled…
    Now I tried enabling 3G and the past day I haven’t missed any calls

    I don’t get it; my iphone settings are completely blank now [miss my jailbroken iphone backup], but that didn’t fix it

    Apparently I need to have 3G enabled when activating push, otherwise I get all the symptoms described so extensively on this site.

    1) only 3G enabled, push deactivated: Iphone works
    2) 3G and push enabled: iphone works
    3) 3G disabled, push enabled: MAJOR TROUBLE

    For the record, I don’t use edge nor 3G and I didn’t fill out any settings in the edge/3G menu

    1. That is exactly what was happening to me: continuous buzz near pc speakers or other phones, heating, can’t receive phone calls (goes to voicemail) or messages, phone is sluggish while using it (scrolling would stop for fraction of a second and continues). After turning 3G on all those problems went away!

      Judging from a lot of the posts in this thread, apparently this kind of problem can be carrier-specific; I’m in Egypt with Vodafone. Not sure though if this is the case, but am I glad I saw this thread! Thanks Chris (and to everyone else for sharing).

  76. weird. As i’m on SpeakOut (the 7-11 brand, that uses Rogers towers) I have no Edge or 3G. That’s fine with me given that I am always near wi-fi. Anyway, try the draining the battery thing like I did and recharge the phone while it is turned off. As soon as there was enough charge, it turned itself on. Once that was done, the buzz stopped for me.

    Apparently this was an issue in the early iPhone days and there are lots of gimmicky ways to stop the buzz. I found that just putting an aluminum foil on the iPhone’s back stopped the buzz (I don’t need to do this anymore). This is obviously a band-aid approach, so if this continues, I would have them replace your phone.

  77. Follow the advices here under the optimize your settings. http://www.apple.com/batteries/iphone.html

    I found out that the notification (new feature) is the killer. My battery is back to normal now.

  78. Following the advices above I started to disable everything in my iphone 3g. First of all I totally turned off push notification. Instead of about 12 hours my battery started to live about 14-16 hours. Also I noticed that the usage time of my phone (Settings => General => Usage) simply differed from the reality. For example, I had utterly charged my phone before I got to bed and next morning the usage time was about 2 hours (instead of couple minutes). Hence I decided to turn off the “ask to join [wifi] networks” feature. And here I had found out the reason (at least in my case). When I opened the mail app to check post manually, my phone automatically found free wifi hot spot, connected up, and fetched mails. Seems like the wifi auto connect feature drains up the battery. After I turned off wifi and restarted the phone, the usage time started to show real data and the battery lives 2 days as it was before 3.0 update. Now trying testing turned off wifi with turned on push. Will see what I get…

  79. I had this problem after a while from upgrading to OS3 , I was getting my calls routed to answer machine of the network , I restored my phone and worked good forr 2 days and battery started draining once again ,
    I suspected that there might be a process that hangs and makes the battery starts heating up and drains
    I removed all applications ( kept only the basic one came with the OS ) , the battery then started performing great
    Then I started to add few applications , I was suspecting that face book is the culprit or any application that connects to the internet
    Once I have downloaded nimbuzz ( instant messaging ) and conected to the web the problem started to show up even after I closed the app the battery came hot and started draining so I have installed the app , everything back to normal
    mine is always 3g off and Push is off not jailbroken but was before

  80. Whow, I thought I was the only one…. Now I found myself in a sad sad community.

    What I noticed is that with OS3.0, having my phone next to loudspeakers (or my regular office phone) it gave continously these nasty sounds – tacktacktacktacktack etc. on the loudspeakers (anybody knows how this is regularily called?).

    Anyway, this sounded to me like the phone “radio” was continously on, trying to get some connection to somethign… and the phone got damn hot.

    Now I disabled “push” (as I do nor really use it – I mainly use WiFi) – and the noise is gone…

    Thanks for the infos so far here – will watch my battery now and hope to have my “good’ol’phone” back….

  81. Follow the advices here under the optimize your settings. http://www.apple.com/batteries/iphone.html

    Yes, I have proved that notification is the killer. Turn it off, everyone. My battery is back to normal, lasting over 2 days.

  82. Same problem with Zelma please buzz me up guys if you have any solution for this problem.. please let me know.. please… response is highly appreciated…

    My battery not only is draining faster, this morning – after charging all night, it was very warm and the screen was dimmed. This never happened with my old one – I upgraded to a 3Gs last week. It charged normal until I found it warm this morning. It is now cooled and screen appears normal but using battery with no use.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    when i start to install applications, maybe it’s like 30 applications.. and upgrade my iphone 3g in 3.0 . then my battery life’s becoming weaker every minute until it drains. It’s like a useless mobile.. =(

    1. Hey chikkazz24

      Follow the advices here under the optimize your settings. http://www.apple.com/batteries/iphone.html
      Yes, I have proved that notification is the killer. Check if your app. has this feature and turn it off. One of my app. that has this feature is Toodledo.

      After I turned it off, my battery is back to normal, lasting over 2 days.

  83. yea – unfortunately PUSH is the problem. just turn push off and then go into each account and make sure those are changed to fetch as well.
    my phone is now cool, and the battery life is back to normal.
    Sucks because push wasn’t a problem until 3.0, and push is my favorite feature.
    Hopefully they fix this sooooon. i only get my emails every 30 minutes now. :(
    thx everyone

  84. my iphone usage time used to increase automatically.
    even when my phone was on sleep mode.

    after 3-4 hours of sleep mode when i checked in settings i saw that its showing my usage as 2 hours….

    after turning of the push feature….. things are fine now……

  85. Not only is the Battery Life terrible, the top back of the phone gets very hot that you will actually feel the heat while using apps. I’m afraid this thinbgs going to burn up…

  86. [...] [...]

  87. before i install IM+, my battery can last for 1-2 days. after IM+ installed, battery reach 20% in half a day without heavy usage or very little usage!
    i uninstall it and try to monitor…

    hey guys, did anyone or urself notice that IM+ is eating up ur battery? it drain ur battery like water dripping… i could see that effect in my 3GS. that’s sucks…

    the last thing i tried, i’d see the problem goes away! i basically turn off a lot of things until the last thing i haven’t turn off is the gsm radio, i put it in flight mode. the phone become cool as before, no longer heated up, no longer drain battery 10% per 30minutes, the usage not equal to standby time anymore!
    u ask me my reception is bad, i say no, it is great radio signal.

    i guess, not me alone suffer from this battery draining problem. at least few millions ppl screaming for help.


  88. I’ve been having major battery issues with my 1st gen iphone (unlocked). My phone would die within 24 hours, even with little to no use (and wifi and push off). All I did to fix it was go into itunes, choose restore (while selecting the same hacked firmware i had before) and that’s it.

    I’m running on 3 days now without a recharge with about 4 hours of talk time, an hour of internet and an hour of music. Battery is at 48%. Not only did this fix my issue but it also increased my battery life.

  89. heres another possible fix

    i found that using sbsettings drained my battery so i uninstalled that and had an improvement.

    but then also found converting all of my higher bit rate and variable bit rate music that i always listened to SERIOUSLY helped the battery drain, my ipod would be lucky to last 2 hours playing music on hold with high bit rate music playing, and now it can last playing music 18+ hours on hold with 128 kps music palying.

  90. Jailbreak with option to increase base memory (I selected 746mb), now the battery hold up very well. I read email, surf web (wifi) for hrs the battery still not drop over 1%

    i dun use push mail as above mentioned, but i did use push service from eBuddy, MafiaWars, TapTap… ever since i install these application which provide push service, my battery start to drain like water. i try uninstall all these apps, it solves. i try install it again, the problems come back! in order to use these apps without battery drain/heating up… try to DISABLE THE NOTIFICATION IN SETTING(1st page)… IT REALLY SOLVE !!!

    I AM HAPPY MAN NOW!!! yeah!!!


  92. In my batt. stats I see: USAGE equals STAND-BY. So I thought a background process was active, draining my batt.
    After deinstalling apps and disabling settings untill it went normal (STAND-BY > USAGE), i started installing and monitoring USAGE every time. A long story short… I found that UNMUTING the device causes the USAGE equals STAND-BY stats. So if I MUTE my iPhone 3GS I get normal stats.
    I’ll still have to look at actual batt. draining, now I was just focust on the stats.

    Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

  93. I think iBirthdays 2.0 was the cause of above behaviour. It did drain battery quicker when unmuted.

  94. So, here is what I have so far. I don’t use PUSH at all. Too many issues with it. After that single incident I had with the electromagnetic buzz near speakers (see my previous posts), the battery has been working beautifully.

    I keep a close eye on things when not using the phone. I’m jailbroken, and rely heavily on SBSettings to help me control the battery.

    SBSettings has finally fixed the option to “Free memory”, which basically kills all apps except for Phone and Mail, if you have Fetch turned on. Previously this option didn’t do anything, so the dev finally fixed it.

    I updated today to 3.0.1, then rejailbroke using 3.0 IPSW and Redsn0w 0.8. Fully recharged the battery and left the following options running: Mail on Fetch once every hour, Phone is on (SMS is always on), SSH off, Bluetooth off, Location settings off, 3g and edge always off caz my provider doesn’t have them. I have had the iPhone run locked like this for 2 hours and battery is still at 100% after 2 hours.

    Whenever I’m done playing games, check mail, surf da weeb, read ebooks, I just run SBSEttings (slide finger on top status bar), hit the Free memory button and watch the memory go to roughly 150-160MB (usually with heavy use, it goes down to 70-80MB and phone is warm). THEN I know it’s safe to lock it without worrying that some rouge process is still running.

    Not too much of a hassle. If you don’t have SBSetting, you can just hit and hold the sleep button until the Power off option comes on. This also frees up memory so you know you have killed most of the processes. I was using this option before SBSettings was fixed. With SBSettings there is an option to display free memory on the top status bar, so whenever I have too much going, I can always know how much free memory I still have.

    Hope this helps some of you w/ or w/o jailbreak.


    1. Sorry, I skipped a step in SBSettings:

      To use Free Memory, slide finger on top status bar to bring up SBSettings, hit Processes, which shows which applications are running, THEN hit Free Memory.

      Nice visual to see what applications are taking up your resources. I often find the music app running even though I never turned it on…


  95. how to i turn off notification setting?????

  96. guys, thank you all for your suggestions, my battery life is way way better than before. I did restored my iphone 3gs to its factory setting ,as a new phone, turned off all applications, push, wi-fi, and notification last nyt before i slept, when i woke up this morning, my battery meter is still the same. now im trying to turn on the wi-fi, but the push still off. the battery is draining a little bit more, but still far far better when it was dead at the end of the day. thanks a lot. im so happy with the outcome.

  97. [...] No one has commented Does your iPhone crave power like a mad dictator? Even after trying some of Clayton’s excellent tips on power conservation, you might find that by dinner your iPhone gives out like a puppet [...]




    The problem is with OpenSSH and not SBSettings.

    If you have a jailbroke phone here are the steps to fix the heat and battery drain.

    1. Uninstall SBSettings
    2. Install OpenSSH
    3. Install SBSettings
    4. Go into SBSettings and turn off OpenSSH

    Working, cool, phone.

    The rest of you are idiots.

    1. This actually is a good solution. I always doubt there is something secretly communicating even when the phone is standing by.
      But you are certainly not the first one found this solution out idiot.

  99. As Chris said above: It’s the 3G OFF preference that creates the problem. When the phone goes to EDGE mode, the trouble starts. I fixed the problem by re-enabling 3G.

    1. amazing Eugenia!
      I’m going to test it.
      I think you’re makin a lot of sense :)
      thank you so much

    2. Wow .. that solved my battery problem. Thanks!

      I used to hear a buzz near my speakers all the time, and the battery would drain so fast, and also the phone was warm all the time. Turning on 3G solved all those problems. Thanks again!

  100. thanks……

    now things are back to normal :)

  101. thank you for this information. I hope u ll go on helping us to learn this kind of important issues Eğlence ve hüznün bir arada yaşandığı bir dünya.!!!

  102. To all the people sharing with us that your phones’ battery lives are completely normal or better with the 3.0 firmware, thanks a bunch. It really helps with this article. All my problems are solved now. =)

  103. Hi

    Having followed so many messages mostly reporting problems with battery after 3.0 update I have been trying to solve the same issue on my first generation iPhone on 3.0. I tried pretty much everything, all the usual fixes like disabling push notification but I was still only getting just about a working day with mimimal use. Then I tried something that appears to have done the trick.

    Akk I did was to delete my email setting for my Pop3 mail that was set up so that the phone had no mail set. I then re-added the same details again and although I lost all of the mails I had in the phone at the time (probably a blessing) I resumed normal email collection (manually) and everything worked as before. However my battery use has improved enormously. I charged it on Saturday night and it is now Monday night a full 48 hours later and I am still showing 34%, admittedly with fairly minimal use, a few calls, a few texts and probably about 30 mins web.

    This seems to be the best battery life I have experienced so maybe its worth a try, I have no idea technically why this may be the case but something in my email settings was clearly continually using up power.

    Hope it may help others.

    Good luck

  104. I had this problem of my iphone battery draining rapdily, not after upgrading the i-phone 3.0 software, but after downloading new apps from the Apple Store, and putting some podcasts onto my Ipod. After following all the instructions listed above with Push settings, turning phone on/off etc, I still had no joy, so I figured it had to be something to do with one of the apps or podcasts, as up until I had downloaded them into I-Tunes and my iphone, my phone’s battery wouldn’t need recharging for days (and now I was having to recharge after a few hours, plus the phone was HOT to touch!). I wanted to avoid having to do a full restore, so I did an experiment. I deleted from my phone all the new applications and podcasts…and now my battery life is back to normal (It has been on 100% charge all morning). I don’t know which was the rogue application or if it was the podcasts that were the culprit, but I suggest trying this if other people have this battery draining problem. Perhaps something running in the background that hasn’t shut down is what causes this to happen?

  105. Did exactly what Clayton Lai recommended, and my iphone’s battery is back to normal.

  106. Hi,

    i’m having this exact issue. i own an iphone 3g running on os3.0 and the battery really sucks. it’s fully charged in the morning and it will only last for 3 to 4 hrs and i notice that it’s turning really hot from normal. i restored my phone 3 times but no luck at all. had to seek high and low for this very valuable information.

    i just try to follow the above instructions as well as reading apple batteries tips. hope that it helps.

    thanks guys.

  107. hi,
    i’m dayve again. i think it really works. i off every things as told and now it’s charging–looks ok to me. i’ll keep monitoring this. i’ll have you all posted on this. so this wil also be useful tips/comments to other iphone users as well.

  108. hi! i’m dayve again. you guys really rock. my phone now functions well. thanks.

  109. for all ya newbee’s out there:






  110. I don’t know if my discharge is same as you guys but there is a solution please let me know.
    Iphone 3gs 16gb ver 3 jailbroken.
    went to sleep with 72% wake up 8 hours later with 42%.
    a look at the usage shows only several minutes of use.
    and overall 14 hours of standby.
    it was on airplane mode all the nigh.
    Is there a fix or i must change my battery ?
    Thanx guys.

    1. Hey man…I got the EXACT SAME problem. I don’t know why but this is really frustrating and I don’t understand why it does that when its on standby mode…Isn’t standby mode not supposed to use your battery???

  111. I have three different generations of iphones, all running 3.0 or 3.0.1. On 2G, issue went away on it’s own after couple of days. It resurfaced after some months, I played around resets and different settings and it went away again. Now, it surfaced with my 3GS. I played again around settings, resets, etc to no avail so far. Problem is definitely related to GSM radio, since there is constant and heavy interference with audio equipment in vicinity. Looks like a loop in the code dealing with GSM comms. It would be good to have some kind of GSM radio sniffer to identify what is going on with GSM radio when this happens. I don’t have GPRS/3G enabled on any of the sim cards.

    While I was writing this, issue seems to have disappeared again.

  112. MY SOLUTION: I had the same problem. Battery drain really fast and iphone heating. It may seem strange but in my case it was caused by a dialer theme (betty boop). It caused the fone to be always looking for signal. Disabled it on winterboard and solve my problem.

  113. Hi! I have iPhone 3G 16 Gb firmware 3.01 Jailbroken. My problems started 10 days ago. Without any obvious reason and with usual use my battery reduced to just 3-4 hours. I had Push mail enabled and after some testing I discovered that with Push mail OFF (it was set to ON since I have bought my iPhone in January) my battery lasts whole day as before. I have tried reinstalling firmware and restoring from backup, but no luck. Two days ago I have tried another solution that I have find looking on the web: I have deleted my Exchange account, restarted iPhone and added it again. It seems that this solution works for me, Push mail is set to ON again and my battery is at 47% at 9 PM, after regular daily use.

  114. I uninstalled SBSETTINGS and the battery drain problem is gone.

  115. TEXTFREE does not go to sleep, when you hit the sleep button.

    Try it.
    Check your usage and standby time (setting->general->usage).
    Note the Usage and Standby times.
    Open the TextFree application. When it comes up, put your phone to sleep.
    Wait 10 or so minutes.
    Turn on the phone, and check the Usage and Standby times.
    Standby has increase by +10 minutes (of course), but so has the Usage time. (+10).

    Workaround: Try to remember to exit TextFree before your phone goes into sleep mode.

  116. Hi All,

    There is no standard possible fix, however I tried to uninstall some of the unused software and the problem has gone.

    Thumb rule

    Do not 100% rely on third party software as they may have bugs which eats up valuable resources.

    I believe this way you may be able to solve most of the battery draining issues.

    Enjoy !!!

  117. Gonna give this a try, will let you know if it works. My iPhone 3GS (32G) is not Jailbroken, but experiencing major battery loss while in standby – esp overnight. Have deleted some crappy apps and changed push settings. Here’s hoping!

  118. This is craziness. I feel like the biggest fool..finally caved and bought an iphone last week. My friends who own one insist battery life is ‘not that bad’. Hello? For this kind of money and hype, not that bad? I am just stunned at how quickly my phone drains…I can’t keep it if this is how it is. I travel a lot and I need to know that I can make a phone call when I get off a train or a plane.

    And I’m reading all these comments and it’s like ‘turn off this function and that function and don’t use this or that’…what the heck is the point of the iphone then??? This is a joke. How has Apple been getting away with this??? I can’t have a phone that drains within hours…it’s unacceptable. And i’m guessing I’m stuck in the at&t contract now too. fantastic.

    What’s wrong with all of you people putting up with this? This is not acceptable. These phones and services are costing you all a lot of money…

  119. I had and have the power problem with the 3G phone also… I called Apple and they sent me to their experts, they had no clue, they sent me home to go to Itunes and to bring phone to factory settings… no diffrence… called again… they gave me a new phone.. same problem, after a full charge at night, get to work by 8am and by 1-2pm the phone is DEAD…
    I will try the push setting to off and have fetch data on for my accounts and we’ll see if this will fix my dead beat phone…

  120. Thanks GOD.. it worked it is about 3pm and my phone is about 85% battery power…

    Thanx a million

  121. I got a question…What should I put the Fetch Data on? Hourly? 1 minute? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? Or Manual? Please somebody reply to this ASAP. Thanks.

  122. thanks…
    havent noticed anything yet but hopefuly it will work….

  123. I don’t believe turning off mail “push” is the fix. I think we need to get down to the root cause of the issue. I have been posting to this thread and finding some resolution to the issue through troubleshootinhg and testing, although I have not pinpointed the exact issue. I now have good battery life again and I still have “push” enabled for my Exchange mailbox.

    Please read this thread:

    I need others to export their mailbox to a PST and run scanpst.exe to see if they have corruption. Please post results back to the above thread.


    Mike Niccum

  124. i just got this 3.0.1 like 2 days back in my iphone 1g the old one but i dont knw how i dont have the battery problem now thank God i finall got solved it self i guess

  125. Believe me, it IS the push. My phone was hot cause the radio was constantly transmitting, the battery would hardly charge at all, and went dead within the hour. Once I turned push and notifications off, all is normal and battery is just like it was on 2.2.1

    How does Apple to “push” email with out a push-enabled (i.e. blackberry technology) email server? Methinks push really means constantly pulling, which is why the radio is hot and the battery life hopeless.

    The default seems to be push enabled when you enter an email account. That is right when my phone went to a basket case, right when I entered an email account.

    But how can you do “push” email on a pop3 mail server? I think that is the root of the problem…

    So no need to take your phones back to 2.2.1, just turn the push off and the notifications off.

    The above post that you need to turn wifi and ssh off are bogus – those are fine, they are not the culprit. Neither is bluetooth. It’s the push CONSTANTLY jabbering on either the cellular or the wifi radio that is the culprit.

    In fact, they were transmitting so much I couldn’t sync on my cheap chinese USB 2.0 cables. The radio transmitting all the time totally messed up the USB 2.0 – I could take it back to 1.1 on the computer and get it to sync (slowly) or the official apple cable worked fine even when the radios were jabbering away. But the poorly shielded cables really suffer when the radios are constantly transmitting.

    Wow, lots to learn here but I get her tamed and working great!

  126. Push was the problem. I turned push off and the battery is like new again.

  127. I also got the heating up and the massive battery loss quite suddenly after 18 months of fine performance (I have always had Push on). I thought maybe I needed a new battery but looked at some of these threads and tracked it down to a couple of new apps that use both location services and notifications. I turned off notifications, deleted the Vouchercloud app which seemed to be the one causing the problem and everything is back to normal.

  128. I had similar issues with my 3GS twice now. I firmly believe this is a bug in the Exchange client that manifests itself as the push service going beserk and the radio constantly transmitting. The battery dies in 2 hours, and recharge time is nearly 2X, and the phone is noticably warm to the touch.

    Fortunately the solution was very simple. Delete the Exchange account. Reboot, and then re-enter the Exchange setup. Everything is normal after that, battery life returning to 25-30 hours.

    No need to do anything with the POP accounts.

    Its worked like a charm now twice. For me this probably crops up every 3-4 months, and it takes me 5 minutes to fix now. I’ve just downloaded the latest iPhone OS, we’ll see if the problem ever comes back.

    1. ei what exchange account? im using iphone 2g,
      pls help me… im dying to fix this battery drain in my iphone… 2hours drain

  129. I had the same problem as many experienced (short battery life of approximately 1-2 hours, constant shutting down of apps and the phone, the phone getting warm) after upgrading my iPhone 3G to firmware 3.0, but I discovered that the issue I was having was related to Exchange email and calendar that I synced with work. The fix was quite simple. I deleted the email account and calendar and reset up the email, but this time without the calendar. The phone immediately stopped having these problems and has worked great since. I talked to someone at Apple initially and they said that the problem was something was constantly running in the background using up battery, making the phone warm, and causing the instability. This led me to believe it had to be either Safari, iPod, Email or the Phone, since these are the only applications allowed by Apple to run in the background. It took some investigation, but I realized after all of the other possibilities had been exhausted that the Calendar is part of email and gets updates regularly from the email server. This was the cause of the problem my iPhone was experiencing (and four of my friends). I hope this helps.

  130. I was having to charge my iPhone about three times a day. Was about to order a new battery and install it myself thinking the battery was bad. After reading some of the messages on here, I turned off all push notifications, left the fetch for e-mail on, only allow my personal wi-fi, & turned bluetooth off. I charged my phone last night before I went to bed. Here it is 24 hours later, and after a day of my usual usage(ok, I didn’t play any of my games), I still have 100% according to AppBox Pro Battery Life. Today was a day off so the phone did not have to cycle between coverages. I’ll come back tomorrow night and let you know how my battery did.

  131. Ok, apparently my battery indicators were frozen on 100%. When I woke up this morning my phone was dead, but, I didn’t have to charge it during the day like I usually do….. I’ll let you know something more tomorrow.

    1. KAISER - THINK I FOUND THE SOLUTION Tuesday, April 6, 2010

      Hi, I have been trying to resolve the same issue for a few weeks now, and I started having battery drain all of a sudden while on 3.1.2, it didn’t start right away maybe a few weeks after it was updated.

      I have a 2G Iphone 8gb, one of the original ones, and my phone was well over 2 years old when I started having battery drain, so I looked up the issue and noticed 3.1.3 just came out so I updated to this hoping it would resolve the issue, but it didn’t.

      I have to say it was quite reasonable to suggest that it was simply my battery that needed replacing after 2+ years but turns out that wasn’t the case, although yes the life of the battery isn’t what it used to be, it was still good, giving about 4-5 hours of usage with 2 days standby, quite reasonable for possibly 400-500 charge cycles, and yes I know what a full charge cycle is.

      So, seeing as I’ve always had most things off throughout my iphone’s life like bluetooth, push, location services, the only things I always had running were WiFi and 2G to get calls, I never bothered turning those off ever!, and seeing my phone habits didn’t change much, and the battery drain began at a specific time when I had not even updated the software on the Iphone, I decided that I would get a replacement battery, and its currently on the way to me now…. but here’s the interesting part,
      I figured I would open up my phone and do a test run of this while I had some spare time, and let me tell you it wasn’t easy, but I did it with conventional tools not the plastic stuff you get in the kits, that definitely won’t open it for you the first time, I guarantee it! all the videos they show on youtube are all from already opened phones and they make it look easy but sound hard so u buy their silly little tools, anyhow,
      I got it all open and disconnected the ribbon cable attached to the back panel so I could seperate the back cover from the phone, it was just a small push in connection that you can lift with your nail, after looking at the insides for a while I put it back together, (going to be so much easier next time).

      So what happens now?
      to my surprise after having disconnected and reconnected the ribbon cable during the opening process the battery life has suddenly doubled, and my phone no longer gets hot like it would during the battery drain, where before it would literally drop 1-2% per minute giving me 2 hours of usage before it was dead, and also turning off before it counted down all the way, it would also jump 10-20% upwards after I put it on charge, then if I take it off decline again even faster and turn off.

      It has now become consistent again and cool to the touch.

      I certainly don’t recommend anyone opening their phone to test this out, but I do suggest if you are already opening your phone to replace the battery, try dismantling it first and disconnecting the ribbon cable, putting it back together, and testing out the battery life. If you see a noticeable difference in behaviour and life of the battery, report back here and give everyone your findings, if enough of us can determine this to fix the battery drain then apple may know how to fix this via software instead of us having to pull cables out, at least we can point the finger at something and they can look into it and get it fixed sooner.

      I still got my battery on the way $25 OEM no biggie!, although I could live without it, I’m still looking forward to getting an extra hour or two ontop of what I just gained with a brand new battery, it was due anyway.

      Its possible nobody has figured this out yet because most people don’t open their iphones and close them up again without putting in a new battery lol, and unfortunately a new battery will mask what I discovered.

      Good luck to you all, hope this works for everyone else, just don’t do it unless you were intending to anyway, cause its not hard to break the phone by opening it.

      P.S. I have tried hard resets and all the other suggestions from multiple sites, e.g. turning all the services off to make your iphone a paper weight which may just burn your house down from the heat it creates!
      None of it helped for me, not even restoring my iphone twice with 3.1.3.

      What we really need is a poll with different scenarios where everyone can just choose the one that applies to them, that would help make sense of the thousands of posts about this problem more clear, and help pinpoint what the cause of it may be, because obviously only a small percentage are having these issues out of the millions who have this phone.
      I would really like to hear from someone who has always been on 2.x.x software and is having battery drain, that might rule out software as the main cause.
      As I said the plug I reconnected worked for me, maybe it wasn’t sitting right anymore and the connection was bad, and that was causing the drain, it came out so easily any decent knock might have dislodged it, even putting your phone down on a desk carelessly could do it.

      I’m done hope to hear some success stories soon :)

  132. I turned off all push settings and rebooted – the battery was still draining quickly. I then used a .99 app – BatteryDoctor – and I’ve noticed an improvement again = the phone isn’t draining a % every 2-3 minutes as it was before. Another note is i had noticed the phone was getting warm and a coworker told me that there is a file that may become corrupted with the 3.x upgrade and changing some settings + a reboot will overwrite the file and this helps .. so i don’t know the exact fix (batteryDoctor seemed to do the most) .. but the phone isn’t draining the battery and it isn’t warm anymore ..

  133. Simon Richardson Monday, May 10, 2010

    I started having the drain problem and turning push off seemed to resolve it but I want push mail to be on so tried deleting my exchange account and resetting it up.

    That seems to have resolved it for now.

  134. woah!..i saw the changes after a few minutes when i do this!.it works!thanks a lot!

  135. I suggest all you guys to change it back (downgrade) to 2.2.1. I had 3.0 mine last about 1 day. When I change it back 6 days 5 hrs standby, 6 hr use with wifi turn on. It’s a bug!

  136. Yikes, bought the 3Gs 2 days ago and even with Push off get only 5 hours of life w/wo a lot of usage. It is a fun, easy to use phone, but I need it for business. The guy in the AT&T store said “well 5 hours, that’s about what you’re going to get”. I said “DUH!!!” I told the boy who sold it to me that I use this phone for business and use it a lot…could have told me about the incompetent battery life. I thinketh I am going back to my trusty BlackBerry!

    1. The guy in the ATT store it a dingbat. You should get a minimum of 24 hours and more likely 48 from the phone. I get this from mine making several calls and using it constantly for email.

  137. Nope,

    Unfortunately, I had already turned off this feature some time ago and I still loose battery at an alarming rate… just sitting there.

    If you have any other ideas, please share!


  138. Audible.Com for iphone… Just installed this and can now watch my battery life drop while this App works at downloading an audible book. The depletion of the charge is freakishly fast.

  139. OMG thank you.. I love you..

  140. I just try your indication, need time to know does yours works. When got result, a few hour, i’ll inform you as soon as possible. Thanks 1st for your information.

  141. Push was already set to Off – yet Battery went to 9% in one day with mimimal use of phone. Loses 40% overnight from 100% charged etc.

  142. I followed all ur instructions but what the hell
    it is still draining in no time. Even in the standby
    mode it stays only for 3 hrs……. It’s really so
    fustrating…… What to do do help me out

  143. Despite of the setback of iPhone for not having MS Office, reluctance of Apple to incorporate reading Adobe files, and inability and complexity of storing and moving data between iPhone and desktop, I used to describe myself as “a proud owner of iPhone 3GS” until I upgraded the operating system to v. 4!
    Battery doesn’t last more than a few hours with no program opened and without using the phone. I believe the problem is due to multitasking without the ability to close each program on exiting.
    Windows mobile offer Task Manager where users car terminate an opened program. Though I don’t use my iPhone 3GS, 32GB. Until Apple rectifies and respond to complaint of that nature (not like when they rediculed complaints about the new, then, iPhone 4 antenna problem, I am a strong believer now that 2GB is more than sufficien and iPhone is losing its sparkle.

  144. I have a different kind of problem first of all my battery gets drained very quickly.
    Second thing is that my battery logo is always full it never goes down. And it gets switched off anytime. So once i connect the device to charge it, It shows the fully charged sign in just One minute and i have some serious problem with my battery.

    Can u help me with this????

  145. john kofi owusu Sunday, January 23, 2011

    my apple iphone went off and ive been charging it 2 days now and is not coming back….i can see the battery indicatin as it is here above ur website now..i dont know the problem..plss help me

  146. Thanks heaps, my battery is still at 79% after 36 hrs.


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