Wikinvest Aims to Make Financial Data Searches More Efficient

wikinvest_logo_510x135 It can be difficult to find all of a company’s financial data in one place on the web. Sites such as Google Finance and Yahoo! Finance are good in a pinch, but can take awhile to sift through. San Francisco, Calif.-based Wikinvest is introducing a series of new features to its site today aimed at making searching for financial information more efficient.

Wikinvest founders (and former Harvard roommates) Michael Sha and Parker Conrad felt that many existing financial web sites were difficult for people to navigate and included financial data that wasn’t easy to understand. And they didn’t always include information about broader economic topics, such as oil prices or U.S. recessions. So when the economy started going into a tailspin, the two saw an opportunity to beef up their own, investment-focused site.“Many people out there are at key points in their lives and need to make very important financial decisions,” Sha told us, “but the tools out there today are 10 years old and have not evolved at all, even though the web has evolved so much.”

Overall, the new features provide users with rich data, including stock figures and in-depth company information, that’s easy to find with just a few clicks. Here’s what I liked best:

  • Every time you mouse over a data metric, such as net income and revenue, a graph pops up and shows you the company’s performance trend.
  • Wikinvest provides industry-specific data metrics about a company to give you more context about how its business is performing. For example, if you’re looking at data for Southwest Airlines, Wikinvest provides you with figures about Southwest’s passenger revenue, fuel cost per gallon and fleet size.
  • The news feed (which gleans its information from over 200 news sources, including finance blogs) clusters similar stories together so you don’t have to keep reading the same story over and over again.
  • Wikinvest gathers news by searching for certain keywords rather than company tickers

To learn more about Wikinvest’s new features, watch the video below. If you try out the features on Wikinvest’s site this week, please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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