Apple Confirms “3GS,” Journalists Rejoice


Having received confirmation from Apple PR, TheAppleBlog can now confirm that the official name for Apple’s latest phone is iPhone 3GS (no space).

While this might not seem like a big deal to you, for those of us having to write about the formerly awkward name, the plural alone was worth the change. Since the “S” stands for speed, and is an abbreviation, the correct usage was to add an “s,” as in “iPhone 3G Ss.” Now, the much-improved plural will be “iPhone 3GSs.”

There’s one other issue that may or may not be related to the change, something you might not have noticed from the announcement of one million iPhone 3GSs sold. The change first occurred in that official press release. Coincidentally, or maybe not, that press release also quoted Steve Jobs, who has recently been confirmed as returning to Apple. Fixing that kind of detail is just the sort of thing a super-focused person like Steve Jobs does. Whether or not positions in Apple marketing will be opening soon remains to be seen.

Anyway, an iPhone by any name is still just as cool.

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