This morning, in many parts of the country, the iPhone 3G S is already being doled out to anxious customers. Despite the bumpy upgrade plan that has been laid ahead of many current iPhone owners, there are still lines at some AT&T stores. Locally, the retail […]

iPhone 3G S

This morning, in many parts of the country, the iPhone 3G S is already being doled out to anxious customers. Despite the bumpy upgrade plan that has been laid ahead of many current iPhone owners, there are still lines at some AT&T stores.

Locally, the retail stores have said that first-come-first-served iPhone sales will open at 9 a.m., after the 7 a.m. pre-order pickups. However here in Denver, after driving past two AT&T retailers with lines of 20-30 outside, I did find one store that was open for business and picked mine up in short order. So a tip if you’re on the West coast — go early, and you may find the AT&T store open already, despite a 9 a.m. announced open time.

As has been mentioned, upgrades were initially the talk of the town (not in a good way), as pricing was essentially only good for new customers or longtime customers who hadn’t upgraded in something close to at least two years. Many of us already on the iPhone bandwagon found ourselves out in the dark, or rather, facing “early upgrade” pricing, which was reminiscent of pre-subsidized iPhone prices. But AT&T lightened up a bit, (possibly to divert some of the negative energy of not allowing tethering or MMS?) and opened up the best pricing model ($199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB) for those eligible for upgrade from launch (today) through about the September 2009 time frame. So if you stopped paying attention after the initial letdown, you may want to recheck that upgrade date and head back in to your local Apple Store or AT&T retailer sooner than later.

Let us know how you fared in picking up your new iPhone 3G S today. Did the pre-order go smoothly? Did you wait in line for the new phone? Did your upgrade pricing fall in line with what you expected? Whatever your experience, we hope it’s a Happy iPhone Day.

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  1. I got in line at 6:45 am in Milwaukee and I was the 6th person in line. Two people in front of me hadn’t pre-ordered, so I got to go in before them when the At&t store opened at 7. I was in and out in 15 mins…I returned my 3G 16gb that I had recently purchased and got my new 32gb. Needless to say, the lines were not bad at all here, so if someone wanted one today, they could probably easily purchase one!

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  3. Arrived at The Falls Apple Store (Miami) @ 7:05 to pick up my pre-ordered 3GS (32 GB). Line of 80-100 people — Apple Store employees slowly culled out pre-order customers. About 2 hours later, emerged with my new iPhone.

    Love it so far — 2 initial impressions: (1) it’s FAST and (2) movie quality is surprisingly good.

  4. In knoxville,Tn I went to the apple store at 5:30 walked in around 7am had my phone, apple care, and case by 7:15! It was pretty well organized and the line diddnt really start until about 6:50 and i was 3rd in line.

  5. Question for Mike D how long ago did you buy the iphone 3G? Also they let you return it straight up?

    1. I had the 3g model for about a month and half (upgraded from first gen cause I didn’t want to wait anymore), but I have a friend who works at At&t so I was able to make the switch…

  6. FedEx delivered mine at 11:15 a.m.


  7. I have two iphone 3G on my Rogers account, purchased them in August 2008. One for $299.00 and the second phone for $399.00.

    Each iphone account has a continue amount of $100.00 per month on my monthly billing.

    I called Rogers call center and was assured I would qualify on both iphone accounts for $199.00 each with an extention of 1 more year.
    I told the rep that I will visit a Rogers location as I wanted to iphones right away vers shipping 3-5 business days.
    I went to the store, and guess what? The deal now was one upgrade iphone 3Gs for $299.00 and the second upgrade iphone 3Gs for $399.00.
    I was very annoyed and decided to leave the rogers store and try calling back the call center.
    After waiting for only 40 minutes(not bad considering the demand) I explained what I wanted and after only 10 minutes….
    I now have two 16G white iphone 3Gs for $199.00 each! The new iphones will be in my hands within 3-5 business days.
    My advise to everyone is to call them directly instead of going into the store. It seems you may receive a better deal calling the Rogers call center instead.
    Add me to twitter if you want more infor jasonmerling username

  8. Got to our brand new big Apple Store in Boston at 5:50am, maybe 30 people ahead of me in line in drizzly weather. We had one line outside for everyone and once we got inside after 7am the existing AT&T customers when to the second floor and the new ones went to the third. Very smooth purchase and activation. I thought they’d need my old iphone to transfer the SIM card over but nope. Maybe 20 mins or so total to leave with my phone. Very speedy.

    If you’re upgrading from the original 2G iPhone like I was, prepare to be blown away by the speed!

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