Samsung N120 Reviewed: “A Very Strong Netbook”

samsung_n120_netbook_05-580x386Our pals over at Geek are peeking at a netbook that I haven’t had a chance to play with yet. After my initial jealousy wore off, I read through their hands-on review and I’m wishing I had finagled a review unit out of Samsung.

They’reĀ checking out the Samsung N120, which is a standard 10-incher running the N270 and a gig of RAM. You most definitely have to like a glossy screen to even think about the N120 though. Check the mirror on this baby!

I’m probably most impressed with the right-Shift key money shot. The size of that key looks just right to me. Of course when you have some extra screen bezel, you can usually fit in a decent keyboard.

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