Netbook v2.0 to Best Laptops in Portable Computing?

The mobile tech arena is as diversified as it’s ever been, and consumers are finally latching onto the idea of portable computing. Smartphones have upped their capabilities to the point where some folks now use them as their web device on the go; the portability of netbooks lets others carry a full computer anywhere. Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) also are trying to gain a foothold in the consumer space, and the plain old notebook is still hanging around. All of these devices bring a lot of functionality to the user — but with various degrees of convenience.

A new report from Forrester Research attempts to determine what types of devices are considered the most convenient for the average user. The report looks at how each type of device performs with applications, working in the cloud and its portability. A key finding, in my opinion: The so-called netbook v2.0, or the second-generation netbook, outscored the standard laptop in many areas, and was found to be almost as convenient to use as its bigger sibling. The report describes these v2.0 netbooks that will be appearing over the next 12 months as having “more powerful CPUs and graphics engines; Windows 7 running on the devices; and embedded mobile broadband.” It’s an interesting observation — and one we should begin to prove or disprove right away as these v2.0 netbooks are already starting to appear.

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