10 Palm Pre Tips and Tricks

palm-preWe’ve been playing with Palm’s Pre to learn the basics, but there’s always time for tips and tricks, right? Here’s a list we started compiling through our own first-day usage as well as some great reader commentary. Don’t hesitate to add more in the comments!

  • Need to perform a soft reset? Hold the Power button and cycle the Ringer button on/off three times.
  • Want to turn your Pre into an ebook reader? Install Classic and then eReader for Palm OS. (Thanks, Jack in NC!)
  • Save battery life reducing the interval for email synchronization; I’m using 15 minutes for now. Note that each email account can be set for a different interval. Sascha Segan has a few more useful tips in this area too.
  • Use Palm’s one-time, web-based Data Transfer Assistant to get contacts, calendars, tasks and memos from Microsoft Outlook or Apple’s iCal / Address Book to your Pre.
  • Press the Orange key, Sym key and P key for a screenshot that you can use as a wallpaper or send in an email.
  • Turn on Advanced Gestures so that swiping the entire length of the Gesture Area moves you through your open cards. You’ll find this setting in the Screen & Lock app.
  • Customize which Calendars appear under the “All Calendars” view. In the Calendar Preferences, find the calendar account(s) you want to modify. In each of the calendars, there’s a “Display in ‘All Calendars’ View” switch you can turn on or off.
  • Compact your daily calendar by tricking out Pre’s accordian view. Create a “Start Day” event for the first five minutes of every day at 12:00am. Create an “End Day” event for the last five minutes of every day at 11:55pm. Pre will compress your free time so appointments will stand out with far less scrolling. (Good tip, John Doe!)
  • pre-batteryWant an exact percentage of remaining battery life? Just tap the battery icon. You’ll also see the date (including day of the week) and options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode. Another way to turn on Airplane Mode is to press and hold the power button for a few seconds: you can choose to turn Pre off or enable Airplane Mode.
  • Don’t want Pre to capitalize a word that you’re typing? Press the backspace key one time after the capital letter and Pre won’t erase the letter. Instead, the letter will become lowercase.

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