New iPhone Pricing and Availability

iPhone 3G S

Available today, the iPhone 3G can be purchased on the cheap for just $99. The new iPhone 3G S is available for pre-order via the online Apple Store in four varieties: 16GB in black or white for $199 and 32GB in black or white for $299. Apple has promised that if you pre-order today, it will be shipped directly to you and you will receive it on June 19.

This is the first iPhone model to be available via the online Apple Store web site for pre-order. If you choose to pre-order your iPhone, you can select your rate plan options via Apple’s web site, or log in and see your existing rate plan if you are a current iPhone user. Existing iPhone customers should expect an $18 activation fee and $18 upgrade fee. Then, users can choose to have their iPhone available for pickup at a local Apple Store or shipped directly to their door.

Though I purchased my iPhone 3G on launch day last year, according to AT&T’s records, I will have to wait until early December before I can qualify to upgrade to this iPhone at the advertised rate of $299 for the 32GB. This is different from last year, when Apple and AT&T allowed original iPhone owners to upgrade immediately without requiring owners to pay the higher price. Even though AT&T calls this an “early upgrade,” if you fall within this category, expect the 16GB iPhone to cost $399 and the 32GB iPhone to cost $499.

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