Combine Live Mesh, Windows Home Server for a Personal Cloud


Although I normally follow Ian Dixon’s excellent Digital Lifestyle blog, I missed a great post recently. Lucky for me that one of our readers brought it to my attention. The gist of the post is about extending Windows Home Server by using Live Mesh. That’s a killer concept, because you might have files or media on a device that’s not on the same network as your WHS. By using Live Mesh on the WHS box, you can pull that content in. Very slick! Even better: With the included cloud storage, you could have key files and folders available on both your WHS and in the Live Mesh cloud. That could be handy if the home server goes on the fritz. In a case like that, your data as of the last sync is available from the web.

I haven’t looked much at WHS since my FiOS install last week, but I’m seriously thinking about adding Live Mesh to the box for testing purposes. The only reason I’ve been on hold is the remote access issues I was working through. Now that my home network has stabilized (and is much faster), I think it’s time to pick up where I left off. Thanks for pointing this out, Greg!


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