Zucker: Hulu Will Break Even “Soon”

Want to generate coverage of your industry conference? Book NBC CEO Jeff Zucker. Whether it’s digital pennies, digital dimes, or the bottled excitement of a tape-delayed Olympics, Zucker gives good sound bite. And yesterday was no different when he took the stage at the D7 Conference and talked about Hulu and online video. Here are some key highlights from his talk:

On Hulu’s road to profitability: Hulu is “ahead of plan” and will be cash-flow positive “soon.”

How Hulu will make money: It would consider a subscription service. And there’s a need for better ads online — Hulu could become an ad agency (an idea they’ve talked about).

On YouTube: The video-sharing giant was built (and sold for $1.6 billion) on the back of NBC’s equity in the form of Saturday Night Live‘s “Lazy Sunday.”

On Facebook: NBC won’t rule out putting its content on the social network; the peacock will put its shows anywhere as long as it gets paid for it.

On Boxee/watching Hulu on TV screens: Right now NBC is committed to Hulu being an online experience, and that’s where it will continue. (As Om wrote, shyeah right, Hulu released its desktop application yesterday, sneakily boxing Boxee out.)

So Mr. Zucker… want to speak at NewTeeVee Live this November?

Here’s the highlight reel from Zucker’s D7 appearance:

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