Palm Pre news is everywhere each and every day as the launch of the phone gets nearer and dearer to our hearts. The biggest news today is easily the biggest Palm Pre news for a good while, as Reuters is reporting that Verizon has confirmed they […]

Verizon logopalm-pre-on-chargerPalm Pre news is everywhere each and every day as the launch of the phone gets nearer and dearer to our hearts. The biggest news today is easily the biggest Palm Pre news for a good while, as Reuters is reporting that Verizon has confirmed they will be getting the Palm Pre in “six months or so” after Sprint’s exclusivity expires.

Lowell McAdam of Verizon/ Vodafone also told Reuters that they would be carrying RIM’s BlackBerry Storm 2 and phones based on Google’s Android platform at that time. It looks like Verizon has decided to step up to the plate where hot smartphones are concerned.

The news of a Verizon Palm Pre may throw a wrench in the Sprint launch which is due in about a week. The weak Sprint network (and service) can be heard on forums as a major reason that some don’t think the Pre will sell as well at launch time as others. So how about it, will you now wait for a Verizon Pre? Or even the AT&T Pre since they would like to sell them too?

  1. I can’t help but think that Palm screwed up a bit here.

    Obviously, getting the Pre on Verizon is a great move; that’s not the issue. But timing is everything, why the heck did they announce this now?

    They’ve pretty much already staged a sellout on launch day, so let it happen and get the free publicity it provides. Then 2-4 weeks after launch, announce the Verizon gig, which will not only be further good news, but also cut into the new iPhone hype that will likely be flying by then.

    I just can’t see any good reason for this news to have been released right now. It ticks off your exclusive provider, possibly kills sales on launch day, and takes a major bullet out of the gun that could have been fired after the new iPhone was announced.

    1. Verizon was the one who spilled the beans and I’ll bet the timing was deliberate. Palm (and Sprint) can’t be happy with this at all.

  2. I have said it in the past and I know that you guys don’t agree … but the Pre as much as it is a dream device – will fail for Palm.
    And allow me to say that this news that you have just brought us is going to be the first nail in a chain reaction.
    Palm CAN NOT wait 6 months. People will. By then the Pre and Palm will be a division of another company.


  3. I want to see Palm live. That’s why I’m buying the Pre when it launches. I’m telling EVERYONE, inclidong the non-techy people I know about the wonders of the Pre. Ilve become a street-preacher of sorts for the Pre. I think it’s wonderful how many of the non-techs who own iPhones simply are not happy with the iPhone and are now thinking of switching to Sprint and the Pre. My wife and I have already converted a couple we know to Sprint for this reason. I think James may even be converted if he realizes the immense coverage of the current Sprint network. Right now they’re right up with Verizon, both being the best networks in today’s world. Most don’t realize this. Most think Sprint has poor customer service. I’ve been with Sprint for over a decade and I will say that their customer service has improved almost infinatelt. Ilve had no problems whatsoever with them. I know many, even standard consumers who are being turned on by Sprint and the new Pre. I think the situation for both companies is hopeful at worst.

  4. Possibly. I’m on Alltel which is obviously Verizon now, so when my contract expires I’ll be looking at Verizon and possibly the Pre. I haven’t really felt the need for a smartphone yet but if this thing is as good as the hype, I’ll look at it. Sprint is out of the question, as is AT&T.

  5. GoodThings2Life Thursday, May 28, 2009

    I think the Palm Pre stands to be an amazing device, as hard as that is for me to admit. The more I read and the more I see about it, it is just an impressive device all the way around. It has so much potential, and yet, I agree with some of the comments like tal’s that I doubt it will be their savior. I want it to be. I even more want it to be Sprint’s savior, since they’re hurting pretty bad these days. I just don’t expect it will be.

  6. I pretty much assumed that Verizon would get the Pre eventually, as Palm would be crazy to lock themselves in to one carrier. However, it is nice to hear it confirmed. Since I’m still in contract, I was going to wait until it expires, which just so happens to be when the Pre will be coming to Verizon. I’ve been a long standing Verizon customer, and I like their service, but I will still consider Sprint because of the pricing structure is just so much better than what Verizon offers. But we will have to see what happens on that front.

  7. A couple things:

    Your blog post says “Verizon has confirmed they will be getting the Palm Pre in “six months or so” after Sprint’s exclusivity expires”

    but this Reuters story



    “Verizon, the No. 1 U.S. mobile service, will offer Pre in “six months or so,” company Chief Executive Lowell McAdam said during a conference webcast.”

    Given that Sprint was supposedly granted exclusivity through 2009, your interpretation would mean no Verizon Pre for another year or so.

    Also, what do you base your claim of the “weak Sprint network” on? I am not affiliated with Sprint in any way and not even a customer (given that I have an iPhone and since yesterday an Android phone), but my EVDO experience with Sprint in the past was always good. I certainly don’t see a reason, baed on my experience, to call the network weak. AT&T’s network on the other hand is a different story…

    1. never mind, ignore my first point. Reading comprehension: fail.

  8. Everyone step off the gas, Verizons CEO did not say they’re getting the Pre, he said “a Pre LIKE device”, per Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2009/05/28/verizon-wireless-to-carry-palm-pre-storm-2-in-about-six-months/ Additionally, Palms Rubinstein pretty much put that rumor to bed: Rubinstein said. “It sounds like AT&T and Verizon both want it.. I can’t comment on unannounced relationships.” He notes that BellMo will distribute the Pre in Canada. Canada is getting the CDMA Pre next, not Verizon, neither is ATT getting the Pre in six months as has been speculated. http://d7.allthingsd.com/20090528/d7-interview-jon-rubinstein-and-roger-mcnamee-and-the-palm-pre/

    This articles are doing nothing but speculating and feeding the FUD.

    1. moochiegirl Friday, May 29, 2009

      Exactly! I think everyone is over-reacting on this pseudo announcement, much to Verizon’s liking, I would imagine. Nothing is official. Personally, I think this is just Verizon making an announcement suspiciously well timed to coincide with the Pre’s release.

  9. Count me as another Sprint customer who is puzzled by all the bad – mouthing of Sprint. I’ve been with them for years and have had both good coverage and good customer service. Not sure what all the nay-saying is about. I don’t have Sprint stock or anything, but every time I read about how horrible Sprint is, it leaves me scratching my head.

    1. Same here. The especially nice part is almost all the sprint plans have free roaming and are cheaper than Verizon’s, but… I’m thinking maybe people have very different experiences in other parts of the country? I’ve traveled a lot, but mostly to major cities, never with any problems except one part in the rural South where all phones did. (And even then I had free data roaming on Alltell… in one corner of the house.)

      My one time calling Sprint, the service rep politely gave me my Master Subsidy Lock code with no questions when I asked. ;) All those surveys after speaking with them have a very nice effect.

    2. Joshua Blankenship Friday, May 29, 2009

      They even significantly cut my bill for me when I once stupidly ran my minutes over +800 ;) The tech support guy was very kind and patient.

  10. I’m kind of puzzled about Sprint’s “weak” network. Sprint roams on Verizon’s network! From that standpoint, it’s essentially the same network. So I don’t really see why it would be any weaker than Verizon’s network.
    So, will I wait for Verizon to get the Pre, so I can use the same network at a significantly higher monthly cost? NOT!


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