BlackBerry App “Gwabs” Contact Data From Email

gwabbit_popup.jpgWouldn’t it be nice if your BlackBerry just offered to add contacts right from data within your email messages — you know, like from a signature at the bottom of a message? Gwabbit is an application that does just that. The subscription-based application is in the BlackBerry App World and runs on the Bold, Storm, Pearl and Curve BlackBerrys.

You’ll need to pony up $9.95 per year for the app and service, something I’d rather see as a one-time license fee. That’s how the Gwabbit for Outlook software works: You pay a single $19.95 license fee, and you’re set for life. I suspect that Gwabbit is subscription based on the handset because the email and contact processing is done on a back-end server. In any case, there’s a free, two-week trial that’s limited to 20 contacts if you want to try it.

James recently highlighted Anagram, which offers similar functionality but doesn’t cost a dime. Anagram requires you to highlight contact info, but then creates a contact with just a few button presses. It also works with calendar event details, something Gwabbit doesn’t currently support.

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