Not All Sprint Stores Carrying the Pre- Find Out Which Ones Near You Will

Sprint store listThe frenzy is building for the Palm Pre launch and already future Pre customers are making plans for launch day. I have heard from those who plan on hitting Wal-Mart or Best Buy first, followed by a trip to their local Sprint store should the others not have the Pre in stock. The word that Sprint is claiming low inventory is fueling these plans, as folks are concerned they may not be able to find a Pre of their very own on launch day, June 6.

These concerns may be legitimate so I did some online investigating to see if the best bet to insure picking up a Pre on launch day might be going straight to my local Sprint store. My thought process was that if anyone would have the Pre in the store it would be Sprint. I’m glad I checked because I found out that not all Sprint stores will even be carrying the Pre on launch day.

I went to the Sprint Store Locator and found out some good information. I started out by checking stores in my immediate area and eventually spread the search out to a 50-mile radius of my home. That search showed me a couple of things that folks should be aware of. First, the Sprint partner stores are not selling the Pre on launch day. That’s not surprising but be aware, because I know some of these partners look just like real Sprint stores but they’re not. The Store Locator will show you which of the stores near you are the real thing.

The second thing I discovered was that not all Sprint stores will be carrying the Pre. Most of them are selling the Pre on opening day but a few I found were not, so make sure you check. The Locator shows specifically if a store will be selling it or not and confirms the special hours on launch day:

Sprint Pre Store hours

If this doesn’t show up in the pop-up box for the store you are checking then that store is not selling the Pre. You don’t want to waste your time on launch day on stores that don’t show to be selling it. I was doing this checking while chatting with Kevin and he checked his immediate area only to find that no Sprint stores near him would be selling the Pre. That fits with the thought that only major market areas would have the Pre on hand for sales as Kevin is way out in the boondocks. It is only logical to think that if Sprint stores in a given area are not going to sell the Pre then third-party retailers in that area likely wouldn’t get any either, but that’s just speculation on my part.

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