Google Has One More To-Do for Mobile Tasks

Where's my Task "Calendar"?

Where's my Task "Calendar"?

I was excited to read that Google added Tasks to the Calendar function last week. People like to assign due dates to tasks, so Calendar integration is a definite step forward. Your task list appears to the right of your calendar simply by clicking “Tasks” in the sidebar. It’s easy to assign a due date to any task, and once you do that, the task will appear on your calendar in the “all-day event” section. Tasks can be sorted by their due date to help you focus as well.

There’s still at least one big step to go from a mobile perspective, though. Since Tasks now appear as a unique calendar, I figured I’d be able to see the “Tasks” calendar in my mobile calendar client. As it is now, I use the Microsoft Exchange support that Google offers with Google Sync; with it, you can have up to five calendars imported into your mobile handset. That’s perfect for me, as I can easily access my personal and work events on the run. Not so with Tasks — at least, not yet. The Tasks “calendar” can’t be shared like other calendars, nor does it appear in the list of available calendars when configuring Google Sync. You can’t subscribe to it like you can with other calendars, either. At this early stage, it appears to be a place-holder calendar for those to-dos.

Although I’m a heavy-duty web client guy, having my tasks integrated with my mobile calendar is something I’m looking foward to. For now, I’ll simply use the dedicated Tasks web client that Google offered prior, but I hope I’m not waiting too long for true calendar and task integration.

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