AT&T Expands Cloud Services Into Data Storage

gigaom_icon_cloud_computing AT&T unveiled today the cloud-based Synaptic Storage as a Service, a solution to what it called the “staggering” demand for web-based enterprise data storage. The Dallas company is teaming with EMC Corp. to provide limited service starting this month, with wider availability in the third quarter.

AT&T is not the only telco making a push into cloud computing. Verizon Wireless in April introduced its Verizon Remote Backup and Restore effort for individual PCs. Then in May, the carrier extended its Enterprise Mobility Services into India. As a network provider, Verizon Federal President Susan Zeleniak told Washington Technology earlier this month, “we’re in a perfect position to deliver cloud computing.”

More recently, Sprint introduced a branded version of the MiFi, a personal wireless hotspot, and Verizon on Sunday introduced its own version.

EMC becomes the second telecom infrastructure player to reach out to carriers entering the cloud computing arena. Earlier this month, Cisco announced plans to help carriers faced with increased bandwidth demands. Cisco’s Unified Services Delivery program connects data centers with IP networks allowing carriers to offer video, enterprise applications and other bandwidth-intensive cloud-based services.

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