Email Tip: Save Time and Stress with One New Folder

Photo credit: malkowitch

Photo credit: malkowitch

I’m a freak about staying organized — and that includes having an email process complete with filters and rules. However, the new messages in my inbox quadrupled as I plunged deeper into the world of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. This was manageable until a few months ago, but what used to be a trickle of only a few emails a day turned into a torrent, flooding my email inbox and drowning more important messages.

The answer? Create a new email folder called “Social Media,” and drop all these emails in there. I created a filter in Gmail to send all social networking emails into my new folder.

Now, instead of cluttering my inbox or screaming at me to take action, these messages sit quietly in a self-contained folder that I check once or twice a day. Another bonus: By the time I get to them, Twitter will have deleted some of the spam accounts, saving me even more time.

Here’s how you to filter emails in Gmail. Most email clients should be able to do something similar: search for the name of the app and “filters” or “rules.”

What tips do you have for managing the email deluge?

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