Hi, my name is Dawn, and I am an information junkie. I love learning new things and sharing them with others, and you can see this trend by looking back across my posts here on WebWorkerDaily and elsewhere. You’ll see many posts focused on finding and […]

Hi, my name is Dawn, and I am an information junkie.

Yahoo Pipes Information MonitoringI love learning new things and sharing them with others, and you can see this trend by looking back across my posts here on WebWorkerDaily and elsewhere. You’ll see many posts focused on finding and consuming information. As I write this blog post, I’m sitting in a coffee shop getting ready for a meeting with someone who has agreed to spend some time demoing Yahoo Query Language (YQL) to help me learn even more techniques to feed my information habit.

I’m also an avid Twitter user, primarily because it is a quick way to consume a variety of information, from keeping up with personal friends to discovering new tools to little nuggets of useful information.

It seems that I am not alone in using Twitter primarily to consume information. A recent acticle on Media Post noted:

Rather than ego fulfillment or networking, what appears to truly motivate Twitter users is learning new things and getting information in a timely manner, according to new data from research firm MarketingProfs.

The study of some 425 Twitter users, conducted in early and mid-April, found that nearly 100 percent respondents agreed with the statements “I value getting information in a timely manner,” and “I find it exciting to learn new things from people,” while about 80 percent “like to be connected to lots of people.”

This is certainly true in my case. As I’m writing this post at 8:30 a.m., Twitter has helped me discover an article about social media statistics, which is where I found the above article and came up with the idea for this blog post; find an embarrassing picture of me from last weekend’s BarCampPortland that I helped to organize; and learn about Google’s standalone contact manager. Not bad for a few hours of posts consumed in just a few minutes.

Are you an information junkie? How do you feed your information habit?

  1. I’ve been an information junkie since long before the internet. I’ve long been, and still am, an avid reader and listener. Still, it’s true that the internet is an info-junkie’s paradise. Services like Twitter and Friendfeed are valuable for the immediacy of the information they provide, and RSS is valuable for following sites like this one that continuously provide valuable information on topics relevant to my interests. No matter which source you use, reading is still a required skill for an information junkie.

  2. I love information too, but I find that Twitter is becoming a way to post “ads” for a lot of people. However, I think you aren’t one of those, so I’m going to follow you on Twitter…don’t disappoint me!

  3. Yes! I am an information junkie. Services like Twitter and friendfeed serve my habit. RSS feeds make it worse. I have podcasts with me in the car. Help me, please!!! LOL.

  4. I am definitely an info junkie. It’s scary! I feel like I need to make a conscious effort to step away from my RSS Feed if I have an extra busy day because my need for info can be so time consuming.

  5. I have been an avid info junkie since I learnt to read – and that was over 40 years ago. I get most of my info from reading, but I also get a lot of info from the internet as well.

    I find I actually prefer to read NON-Fiction books. I never realised it until just now, but I have to read non-fiction to get my information fix for the day.

    Fiction books are more for escaping, rather than for learning. I dont want to escape. I want to learn more.

    I have several blogs online to accommodate my insatiable reading habit.

    Interestingly enough I do NOT have any Twitter, RSS feed, Myspace or Facebook accounts. I prefer to stay reasonably private.

    I usually leave posts and queries in various forums online if I want to learn something.

  6. Wow it’s not just me! Sometimes I feel that I can’t consume it a fast as I want to. I have a good set of filters in place but I get annoyed when those filters overcorrect andbinfo slows down.

  7. My favorite method of info fix today is

    Got any other places I can check??

  8. Oh yes…my thoughts on twitter…
    Somebody rigged a chair to twitter every time he farts, somebody else rigged a toilet to twitter every flush. (wish I had the links to share)

  9. I too am a serious information junkie. Most of every day I am looking for, reading, passing on, or writing about information. I run a student/colleague listserv with information I think my doctoral students should know about. I am on twitter unless I’m trying to get something else done and I go twitter abstinent. I absorb information all day and night, from all directions. I do and don’t organize it. The bigger issue I believe is that as knowledge workers we are always thinking. That is why we perhaps compulsively gather information. It gives us something to think about, write about, talk about, blog about, design research studies about, teach about, etc. The goal is thinking. Thanks for this post.

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