Viliv S5 Premium Hitting U.S. Shores at $599


James took a guess at the Vilev S5 UMPC price in this week’s podcast, but I think he had inside information. ;) He nailed it at $599! I was actually nosing around the Dynamism site to take a closer look at the S5 specifications when I saw the price. There’s a bit of a catch though: if you want one of these pocketable UMPCs, you’ll want hit the pre-order page on April 27th at 1:00pm ET. That’s when Dynamism is opening up the flood-gate and it sounds like it’s a limited run. They expect the devices in-house around May 8th.

The $599 pre-order price nets you the UMPC, spare battery, car kit and leather pouch: not a bad deal. I’m not in the market for one, but if I was, I’d be watching for James’ detailed impressions. He’s shown us a brief unboxing video of the Vilev S5 Premium, but I suspect there’s plenty more play-time hands-on with the device coming soon!

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