Tonido Offers a “Personal Cloud” Software Solution

tonidoI’ve been kicking the “personal cloud” idea around in my head for several months now. Today, I use cloud services that are run by third parties for e-mail, contacts, data storage, music streaming and blogging, to name a few. That’s fine for me, but some folks can’t get past the idea that “someone else” has their data. That’s where the personal cloud comes in to play.

Lifehacker makes note of Tonido and aside from the Microsoft Windows Home Server platform, it’s the closest implementation of the personal cloud concept I’ve seen yet. It’s still very limited in functionality, but it has potential and it’s currently free. Using Tonido on a server from my home, for example, I can remotely serve up audio media, share photos, run a blog, manage contact and calendar data. Other applications are in the works and once they’re developed, you simply install them on your Tonido box (PC, Mac or Linux) and access them remotely as you see fit. Again, it’s limited, but the general concept of what I’ve been envisioning is there. It’s worth a look (to me, anyway) to watch how this develops. I guess this makes me a “cloud fanboi.” ;)

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