Pogoplug Arrives for Review


I’m finally back from my first planned vacation in several years and guess what was waiting for me besides two very hungry cats? A Pogoplug review unit! We heard about this $99 device at CES and I was attracted to its ease of use: you simply connect Pogoplug to a USB drive and your network for instant web access to your data. The Pogoplug folks say that the entire setup process takes under two minutes, so I’ll test that claim when I crack the box open. While there are plenty of other remote data sharing solutions out there, the simplicity factor is what I’m looking at first and then it’s all about the functionality: What can I do with it, what data can I see, and how well does it work?

I’ll be plugging in the Pogoplug later today and testing that two-minute claim with a stopwatch. Over the next few days I’ll test it out while on the run, using my 320GB USB drive which is where I locally store all of my audio files and other data. I keep all of that in the cloud too, but Pogoplug is hopefully going to become my “personal cloud” for a week.

Got questions or things you’d like to see tested? I might not be able to hit ’em all, but if you plug ’em into the comments, I’ll do what I can. After I feed the cats, of course.

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