This is news to me, and scary news at that, but it seems as though firmware update 2.2.1 has been causing some problems with Wi-Fi for many iPhone users. I’ve not had any problems, but then again, I use Wi-Fi only sparingly, and even when I […]


This is news to me, and scary news at that, but it seems as though firmware update 2.2.1 has been causing some problems with Wi-Fi for many iPhone users.

I’ve not had any problems, but then again, I use Wi-Fi only sparingly, and even when I do, it’s never for an extended period. Also, I’ve updated to the 3.0 beta firmware, so I might have dodged a bullet there. If you have been having issues, and were hoping for a quick software fix, it looks like you may be out of luck.

Some users have reportedly been told by Apple to have their hardware replaced, and to make sure that when they call for a replacement, they specifically ask for an iPhone that’s running firmware of a version earlier than 2.2.1. All of which would seem to indicate that for the moment, Apple doesn’t know how to undo what they did with 2.2.1.

No one knows for sure what exactly is causing the problems, which seem to affect primarily 2G and older 3G model phones, but some believe the issues stem from Apple lifting an artificial throttling cap on the iPhone’s Wi-Fi chip, which enables faster speeds but also overheating. The theory seems to be supported by the fact that the issues are resolved and connectivity is restored when affected units are placed in the fridge for a little while and left to cool down.

As per usual, there’s no official word from Apple on the matter, and gauging how widespread the problem actually is will be difficult in this case, since a number of other factors could be affecting Wi-Fi performance. If you’re having the same problem, let us know, and maybe we can start to see just how deep this goes.

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  1. I have a 1G iTouch that has sketchy wifi in that I have to turn it off and back on to get the device to connect. It seems worse lately. But 2.2.1 has seemed stable so far. This is my 3rd replacement since the previous 2 crashed and died on 2.0.

  2. This is news to me. I have the 1st Gen iPhone and use WiFi extensively (in San Francisco WiFi is pervasive and Edge is painfully slow). I’ve noticed no problem whatsoever.

  3. Since some people have upgraded to 3.0, has anyone had problems with slow keyboard?

    1. I have lagging keyboard issues, wifi chip only works if battery is almost dead and only for 2-3 mins at most. I have the 1st gen iphone with 3.0 firmware, jailbroke, etc. I’m not sure if apple will replace mine or what??

  4. Hi all, I got this problem 2 weeks ago. I run the firmware 2.2.1 and I try all that I can. But after 3 days I was tired so I call Apple and they said that I need to take an appointement at the Genius bar in the nearest Apple store. When I was in the genius bar they try some things but all didn’t work so they replace my Iphone 3g with a NEW!! so the cool part is that I have a new Iphone 3g with no scratch but like the post said nobody know what is the problem. For info I lived in Quebec.

  5. I have never had too much trouble with the WiFi on my 2G iPhone, however sometimes when I’m sitting next to an AirPort Extreme, the phone will drop the WiFi connection and go back to Edge. However, periodically I’ll pull my phone out of its holster to find it very warm. Not too surprisingly, at that point the battery is all but dead.

  6. I wonder if heat can kill a SIM card? I have 2.2.1 on a 2G unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile. I use the WIFI fairly often, and about 2 weeks ago my 5+ year old SIM card died out of nowhere. I tested it in other phones and it didn’t work, and I tested another SIM card and it worked. I don’t know how long SIM cards typically last, and it could very well be a coincidence. Anyone else have this problem?

  7. Bill Caplinger Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    I have also had problems lately with my iPhone “searching. . .” for a connection far longer than before.
    And having a “hotspot” that can be felt on the back about where the #15 homescreen icon (counting left to right then top to bottom, as if reading text). Ditto regarding the battery indicator suddenly low.

    And I am reminded of the recent story of the the iPhone that reportedly burned someone on the leg from having the iPhone in a front pants problem.

    Doing a reset (holding the power button and the homescreen button down until the sculpted Apple symbol appears followed by a seeminly longer (although that may just be because I have more apps as time goes on) time to reset.

    But after the reset, it seems to capture 3G or WiFi appropriately.

    So Apple may be very curious about any problem that involves overheating and wants units to help figure out what or how widespread the problem may be. That’s what I’d be doing anyway.

  8. I have has problems with wifi since the 2.0 upgrade. At first the it was dropping wifi. The range keep decreasing until you had to be practically on top of a router to get reception. I called apple several times but since it was out of warranty, I would have had to pay for a repair. My antenna cover was cracked, so I ordered a replacement. While I had the cover off, I looked at the connections for the wifi antenna. While the one in the middle that is attached to the antenna looked fine, it was loose when I pushed on it and unattached itself. I was able to press it back down and re-attach it. My wifi reception is now back to normal.

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