New Work City: Coworking and More in Manhattan

newworkcitylogoNew Work City is more than just a Manhattan coworking center; it might even turn out to be a movement. One thing is for sure, the founders of NWC are not sitting idly by during this economic crisis.

Founded in November 2008 by Tony Bacigalupo (co-author of “I’m Outta Here: How Coworking Is Making The Office Obsolete”) and Sanford Dickert, NWC has two central objectives: 1. To provide community workspace for location-independent workers, and 2. To facilitate entrepreneurial activity in NYC.

runwayproject2To further objective number 2, they launched The Runway Project, a project to help people turn this crisis into an opportunity to become entrepreneurs. They also recently helped to form the Coalition of Office Space Providers, which joins together available work spaces in NYC. The Coalition will be working with the NYC Economic Development Corp. to provide discounted workspace for first-time entrepreneurs, as well as events and other benefits.

These guys are clearly coworking heroes to be admired and emulated.

At the NWC center, members share their expertise through workshops and use the space for anything tech-related, from presentations to labs to social get-togethers.

If you’re in the Manhattan area, don’t wait to check them out. If you’re not, head over to their site and steal some ideas for making coworking a reality in your area!

(And for those of you in Paris, France, be sure to stop by La Cantine, the exceptional coworking center I wrote about last year. La Cantine, a nonprofit organization run by Silicon Sentier, is a hopping hub that offers all manner of tech-related activities and is a great place to pop in and work, for free. Thanks to Nathanaƫl of La Cantine for the tip on NWC)

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