iMovie 8.0.1 Update Brings Unadvertised Feature Changes


Over the weekend, Apple hit us Mac owners with a slew of updates for their iLife ’09 suite of applications, all of which were described by Software Update as providing little more than stability improvements and minor issue resolution. It would seem that Apple was being modest with its descriptions, however, especially regarding iMovie 8.0.1, which brings some new features and major fixes to the video editing software.

Custom Location Coordinate Support

iMovie ’09 has a large built-in library of popular travel destinations and landmarks, but sometimes you want to be more specific than they allow, or you’re filming in a place rather off the beaten path. Now you can input your own geolocation information, via latitude and longitude coordinates. Because, if you’re filming absolutely nothing in the middle of nowhere, you want to be accurate about it.

Additional Export to HD Options

The proliferation of HD video means that more and more people are wanting the ability to easily export their movies in formats that are compatible with popular video sites like YouTube. You can now Share to YouTube or Export video at 1280×720, which is full 720p HD, in case you weren’t aware. I still don’t think YouTube’s HD backend is robust enough to make it truly usable, but at least now you can inflict stuttering video on your unsuspecting audience, if that’s what makes you happy.

Keyboard Shortcut for “Split Clip” Command

Better, easier editing control is nothing to sneeze at, even if it is only the introduction of a single keyboard shortcut. Being able to press “Command + Shift + S” instead of digging about in the menu should save cut-happy editors a ton of time.

In addition to the feature additions mentioned above, the fix also solves an ugly issue which affected the playback quality of 1080i video when exported to iDVD or Quicktime. That means you no longer have to add in the additional step of fixing the footage in other apps following an export.

Apple, next time you add such obvious improvements, instead of just poking about under the hood, don’t be so modest. We promise not to think of you as any less mysterious.

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