1. another highly overrated ….social ? buzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Om, thanks for the shout-out

    gp, our users tell us xobni’s value isn’t in adding another social tool to their lives. They tell us the value is allowing them to search email and manage relationships more easily – we just so happen to do this by leveraging the social nature of email as well as the social explosion on the web. I’ll tell you, i can’t imagine not having xobni and not seeing a picture for each person that emails me. Now i know exactly who to look for when i meet someone for coffee at Starbucks.

    Xobni is about being better at your job and going home early from work.

    Matt Brezina
    Founder, Xobni

    1. Matt,
      Is Xobni only specific to outlook or will there ever be version for other mail clients like thunderbird plug-in/ mac mail ? Not everybody uses Outlook as it costs has license costs and a potential virus/malware magnet …while corporate use outlook is big but users generally dont have rights to install 3rd party apps due domain group policies implemented by IS teams

      I am also curious whats Xobni planned revenue stream ………….perhaps sell it to M$ when time is right ;-)


  3. looks interesting! any plans supporting russian language?

  4. Thanks Om…after reading this post again I have installed Xobni in my laptop. :) I hope the crash problem is now resolved.

  5. Matt, what about us MAC users – nothing for entourage or mac mail

  6. I have tried Xobni a couple of times, each time decided to uninstall in about a day due to severe performance issues with Outlook. Until and unless these issues are addressed, I would not recommend it to anyone. But I am periodically keep checking, I really see value if the performance issues could be nailed.

    1. Hari – I’m with you! I’ve also tried Xobni several times but ended up uninstalling because there was a noticeable degradation in performance. I really do love the concept and I like what it does. It’s just that at this point in time, I need faster Outlook response more than I need to mine my emails.

      Perhaps there’s some conflict that is causing this slowdown? I don’t know and I didn’t have time to trouble shoot it. I will also continue to watch them as it’s a fascinating proposition.

  7. Look here’s the confusion:

    1) Xobni doesn’t know if they want to be a social play or mission critical app

    2) Blackberry Fund should be focus investing on mobile apps and not desktop apps. Lord only knows how much help the largest LP (RIMM) needs help.

    I suppose these two are a match made in heaven. They don’t know what they want to do.

  8. Marie Goltara Thursday, March 26, 2009

    I use Xobni in Outlook and I think the search options are much faster than Outlook’s. I can easily find conversations and attachments I’ve shared with people without having to wait 10 minutes for Outlook to search through all my emails. Some emails can still get away from you no matter how organized you might be. I don’t use many of the other social features though.

    1. if its search you want use google desktop search which can index outlook pst much faster

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  10. Jaimie Lynn Friday, April 3, 2009

    I love xobni. Its amazing. I recommend it to everyone. The only thing is it slows down your computer.

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