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Alt-Fuel Freeway: The governors of California, Oregon and Washington are considering a plan to make Interstate 5 a “green freeway,” installing batter charging and swap stations, plus biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen and compressed natural gas fuel pumps along the West Coast route from Canada to Mexico. — Seattle Times

Winds of Change (for the Worse): A new HSBC report forecasts the global wind market will see a 20 percent decline in installations this year, rather than the previously expected flat growth. — WSJ’s Environmental capital

Tampa to Tap Solar: Tampa Electric Co. has signed a contract to buy solar-generated electricity from a 25 MW south-central Florida facility slated to come online in 2011. — Forbes

Salazar in the Clean Energy Zone: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wants to create renewable energy zones to encourage solar and wind projects, and build transmission lines to carry clean power to population centers. He’s less keen on offshore energy projects. — Associated Press

Backing Off Coal: A growing number of energy companies are delaying or scrapping plans for new coal-fired power plants in the U.S. because of looming climate legislation. Alliant Energy, NV Energy and Southern Montana Electric Generation & Transmission are some of the latest. — USA Today



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