1. When I used Windows exclusively, I used Windows Liver Writer. I still believe it is the best of the desktop editors. On my Mac, I tried ecto, didn’t like it for some reason, but I do like blogo, and i actually bought it and have been using it. It still has a way to go to come close to WLW, but I think it is the best offline editor for Mac that I have seen. When in a crunch I will use WP’s in web editor, or even the new Quick Press on the dashboard.

    I think the appeal to blogo is the same as WLW, you can just focus on the blog you are writing, not all the open tabs in your browser, you can be disconnected (I know you can use gears with WP now, but it isn’t the same).

  2. Scott Blitstein Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    I can’t comment on the Mac options but for Windows I use BlogDesk for all of my post writing. It creates very clean code, the interface is sparse but useful and the built in image handling makes adding photos a snap. It even uploads them directly to WP for me which is a joy compared to struggling with the media manager.

    It’s funny, I prefer an offline writer because I’ve never really been a fan of most WYSIWYG blog editors, especially the one in WordPress.


  3. I’ve tried Blogo and MarsEdit, as well as Mac Journal, and I just can’t see the appeal of using a stand-alone app (especially one I have to buy) when the WordPress interface works well for me.

    As I was playing with the latest beta of MarsEdit a few minutes ago, I realized that a big part of it for me is that I make extensive use of custom fields, a series plugin, and quicktags; even if I wrote in an external editor, I would have a good bit of work to do once the post was uploaded into WordPress.

  4. Daniel Jalkut Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Dan: When you’re taking advantage of lots of server customizations like custom fields and special plugins, it can definitely be more of a challenge to make good use of a desktop client such as MarsEdit.

    I’m currently working on support for custom fields in MarsEdit, which would at least close the gap a great deal for users in your situation.

    However, at the end of the day some people will simply prefer the web interface to a desktop interface. I’m just glad to help provide an option for people who prefer the desktop experience.

    Daniel Jalkut
    (MarsEdit Developer)

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