Those of us at The Streamys — the awards ceremony dedicated to honoring the best in web series entertainment — are happy to announce the founding members of the International Academy of Web Television, who represent some of the best and brightest of the online video […]

streamy-logo_croppedThose of us at The Streamys — the awards ceremony dedicated to honoring the best in web series entertainment — are happy to announce the founding members of the International Academy of Web Television, who represent some of the best and brightest of the online video community — and are hopefully, right now, selecting their nominees for the Streamys.

We echo our IAWTV co-founders at Tilzy in our commitment to provide as much transparency about this process and event as possible; please feel free to ask whatever questions may come up, and in the meantime get excited for the ceremony, coming to Los Angeles on March 28th! Tickets are still available for the after-party: more details here.

  • Alex Albrecht, Creator and Host, Team Awesome and Project Lore, Host, Diggnation
  • Chris Albrecht, Co-Editor, NewTeeVee
  • Todd Amorde, National Director of Organizing, Screen Actors Guild
  • Drew Baldwin, Co-Founder, Tubefilter
  • Yuri Baranovsky, Creator and Producer, Break A Leg
  • Ryan Barlow, Director, Distribution & Marketing, The Tornante Company
  • Rob Barnett, CEO, MyDamnChannel
  • Andrew Baron, Creator, Rocketboom
  • Justine Bateman, Partner, FM78.tv
  • Erik Beck, Creator, Host, Producer, Indy Mogul
  • Sean Becker, Producer and Director, Awkward Pictures, Comedy Gumbo
  • Miles Beckett, CEO, EQAL, lonelygirl15, LG15: The Resistance, KateModern, Harper’s Globe
  • Max Benator, Head of Digital Media, RDF USA
  • Payman Benz, Writer and Director, Awkward Pictures, Comedy Gumbo
  • Damon Berger, Director of Branded Entertainment, Moderati
  • Hayden Black, CEO, Evil Global Corporation, Abigail’s Teen Diary, Goodnight Burbank
  • Brady Brim-DeForest, Co-Founder, Tubefilter
  • Bill Cammack, Freelance Video Editor and New Media Consultant
  • Ned Canty, Festival Director, New York Television Festival
  • Aimee Carlson, Creative Director, US, Dailymotion
  • Joshua Cohen, Co-Founder, Tilzy.TV
  • Felicia Day, Creator, The Guild; Actor Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Legend of Neil
  • Mark Day, Comedy Manager, YouTube
  • Zadi Diaz, Co-Founder, Smashface Productions, Epic Fu
  • Matt Enlow, Content Strategist, Strike.TV
  • Kim Evey, Owner, Gorgeous Tiny Productions; The Guild, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show
  • Mary Feuer, Series Creator, With the Angels
  • Elisabeth Flack, New Media Representative, Writers Guild of America, West
  • Nick Fortunato, VP, Programming and Production, HEAVY.com
  • Brent Friedman, Co-Founder, Electric Farm Entertainment; Afterworld, Gemini Division
  • Liz Gannes, Founder and Co-Editor, NewTeeVee
  • Barrett Garese, Founding Agent, Online Department, United Talent Agency
  • Steve Garfield, Producer, SteveGarfield.com
  • Justin Gayner, Co-Founder, ChannelFlip Media
  • Greg Goodfried, President, COO, EQAL, lonelygirl15, LG15: The Resistance, KateModern, Harper’s Globe
  • Kathleen Grace, Director and Producer, Dinosaur Diorama Productions, The Burg, The All-For-Nots
  • Virginia Heffernan, TV Critic, The New York Times
  • Mike Hudack, CEO, blip.tv
  • Brian Seth Hurst, Second Vice Chair, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, National Board, Producer’s Guild of America
  • Marc Hustvedt, Co-Founder, Tubefilter
  • Justin Johnson, Creative Services Lead, Next New Networks
  • Dina Kaplan, Co-Founder, blip.tv
  • Geoff Katz, Governor, Interactive Media Peer Group, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • Joshua Kinberg, Director, Online Video Product Management, PBS
  • Matthew Kirsch, Creator, Dudes
  • Paul Kontonis, CEO, For Your Imagination
  • Bob Kushell, Creator and Executive Producer, Anytime with Bob Kushell
  • Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3
  • Jeff Macpherson, Creator, Tiki Bar TV
  • Tyler Malin, Partner, Madon Malin, P.C.; Secret Fun Time
  • Brandon Martinez, New Media Agent, Abrams Artists Agency
  • Matt Mazzeo, Agent, CAA
  • Chris McCaleb, Co-Founder, Big Fantastic, Director, Sorority Forever, Foreign Body, Cockpit, Sam Has 7 Friends, Foreign Body
  • Alec McNayr, Executive Producer, Space Shank Media, Flipper Nation
  • Tom Merritt, Executive Editor, CBS Interactive
  • Liz Shannon Miller, Reviews Editor, NewTeeVee
  • Eric Mortensen, Director of Content Development, blip.tv
  • Kent Nichols, Co-Creator, Ask A Ninja
  • Sandeep Parikh, CEO, Effinfunny.com, The Legend of Neil, The Guild
  • Chris Pfaff, New Media Council, Producers Guild of America, East
  • Brent Poer, General Manager, TheWB.com
  • Adam Quirk, Producer, Wreck & Salvage
  • Sam Reich, President of Original Content, CollegeHumor.com
  • Scott Roesch, VP & GM, Atom.com / Comedy Central
  • Jessica Rose, Actress, lonelygirl15, Hooking Up, Sorority Forever, Casanovas
  • George Ruiz, Head of New Media, International Creative Management
  • Douglas Sarine, Writer, Beatbox Giant Productions, Ask A Ninja
  • David Sarno, Internet Columnist, The Los Angeles Times
  • Tim Shey, Co-Founder, Next New Networks
  • Irina Slutsky, Co-Founder, Geek Entertainment Television
  • Jay Smooth, Creator, Ill Doctrine
  • Taryn Southern, Writer and Producer, Private High Musical; Actor, Sorority Forever
  • Tim Street, CEO, APE Digital, French Maid TV
  • Sarah Szalavitz, Founder and CEO, 7 Robot, ZapRoot
  • Jamison Tilsner, Founder, Tilzy.TV
  • Woody Tondorf, Producer, Runaway Box, HBO Lab
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, Host and Founder, Wine Library TV
  • Michael Wayne, Co-Founder & CEO, DECA
  • Brent Weinstein, CEO, 60Frames Entertainment
  • Daisy Whitney, Reporter, TV Week and New Media Minute
  • Thom Woodley, Partner, Dinosaur Diorama, The Burg, The All-For-Nots
  • Steve Woolf, Co-founder, Smashface Productions, Epic Fu
  • Jonathan Zalben, Composer, House Poor

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  1. It’s an honor to be named and included in this list of forward-thinkers in the new media world.

    Looking forward to the verbal sparring that I KNOW will happen in that room on March 28.

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  3. Yeah! Glad to be a part of this. Thanks folks.

  4. Great collection of people. I’ve gone ahead and pulled links to all of their Twitter profiles and posted them here in case anybody’s looking to find/follow all of them:


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