Foxmarks grows up, now is Xmarks

xmarks-logoI’ve made it no secret how Foxmarks has revolutionized my online work.  It synchronizes my Firefox bookmarks and passwords by storing them in the cloud, which makes it a matter of seconds to bring any new machine up to speed for web work.  It is the first thing I install on new machines (after Firefox) and it recently became even more essential when the Foxmarks team added support for Internet Explorer and Safari.

The Foxmarks folks aren’t happy to sit by with all that, they are now changing the name to Xmarks and adding additional capabilities to the old Foxmarks.  Sure, it will still synchronize your bookmarks and passwords but they are now adding the ability to suggest sites based on your own user data.  Think of it like StumbleUpon in a way.  You visit a web site, click the Xmarks icon and you’ll get a list of five suggested sites similar to the one you are browsing.  You’ll also get additional site information on your Google search results too.

Let’s hope that the new Xmarks isn’t going to get all bloated by adding extra stuff.  One of the wonderful benefits of using Foxmarks has always been how lean and mean it operates.  I hope that doesn’t change with this new service.

Note that currently Xmarks is for Firefox only.  A Safari and Internet Explorer version is said to be coming soon.

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