Tatango to Wawaste-o Its Tatime-o With Live Video

As mobile startup Tatango closes in on a second round of funding it has decided to increase its transparency by live-casting the “inter-workings of the company.” I think they meant “inner-workings,” but who needs to spell when your company has a sweet basketball court built into your office? (High-five! Good one, bro!) Here’s the trailer explaining what’s up.

This video is like a time machine. Only a really sucky one because it transports you to 1999, distilling every arrogant, money-wasting, boneheaded cliche from the last tech bubble into a minute and 10 seconds while making it all look like a rejected episode of The Hills.

Sure, the move may be about transparency, but from the looks of it, all investors will see is a bunch of frat guys chugging Red Bull and shooting hoops (dunking is prohibited). The company could have awesome technology (ask Robert Scoble, he makes an appearance in the video), but I can’t imagine anyone tatuning in to check it out.


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