Freeware of the Moment- AccuWeather Stratus desktop widget

accuweather-stratusI don’t know what it is about desktop widgets, but we love them as much as we love widgets that tell us what the weather is currently like outside.  Maybe we like them because they save us having to look out the window, I don’t know.  Good desktop weather widgets are definitely good and free ones are the best.

The Freeware of the Moment is from the folks at AccuWeather, who know an awful lot about the weather.  Their new Stratus desktop widget proves they know a bit about those, too, and this Adobe Air widget is first-rate.  It blends in with any desktop as the frame and controls all fade to nothing as the Stratus widget sits on the desktop, leaving only the pertinent information you crave.  Move the cursor over the widget and those controls come back to let you configure Stratus just like you like it.


You have to have Adobe Air installed to use Stratus but it will work on any system with Air.  Which is appropriate for a weather widget, don’t you think?  Head over and give Stratus a try and when they ask tell AccuWeather that jkOnTheRun sent you.  I guarantee you they’ll say “who?”.  :)

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