Getting Fit: The Web Worker Way

It’s been a while since we’ve had a fitness post on WebWorkerDaily. The web worker lifestyle tends to be a sedentary one with many hours spent staring at the computer. Many web workers, and I put myself in this category, have a hard time getting away from work long enough to work out, but it is time well spent that will benefit you in the long run. Exercise isn’t just about losing weight; it has so many benefits for web workers, including keeping your brain working better, improved mood, longer lifespan, increased stamina and reduced risk for many health issues.

Last July, Mike Gunderloy wrote a post covering three fitness resources for the deskbound. His post discussed reducing tension and pain with stretching, trying isometrics instead of the gym, and getting more active. These are all great suggestions, but I wanted to add a few more that work for me. Since we, as web workers, spend our days in front of the computer, I’ll focus on a few online techniques to help you get (and stay) motivated to get off your butt.

@geekygirldawn getoffbutt hashtag

In early October, I decided to make myself accountable to my friends on Twitter for working out by using a new Twitter hashtag, #getoffbutt. My intention was to track my workouts while, at the same time, increasing my accountability for actually working out. What I didn’t expect was to start seeing a bunch of other people using #getoffbutt for the same reason! People seem to have found some value in using a Twitter hashtag to track workouts.

I recently started using Gyminee to track my workouts with more detail: workout type, calories, time, etc. However, my favorite thing about Gyminee is that you can invite your friends and all keep track of each other’s workouts. It also has plenty of special interest groups to join, pre-defined workouts, fitness challenges, and more. It even works great with the iPhone. I wrote a more comprehensive review of Gyminee in January if you want to know more about it.

I also schedule my workouts on my calendar. I have a daily recurring meeting on my calendar for 3 p.m. for my workout. While meetings tend to get in the way of any recurring appointment, I can easily see that something is scheduled over my workout and can move it another time. Realistically, I will probably never work out seven days a week, but I can make sure that I don’t cancel too many of my workouts.

The point isn’t about which tool you use to track your workouts or how you make sure that you find time for your workout. In the words of the famous shoe company from Oregon, Just Do It!

What are your tips for making sure that you stay fit? How do you balance working out with web working?

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