Audrina Patridge Wants YOU to Rat Out Her Robbers

Between Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and personal sites, celebrities write their own tabloids these days. And that’s especially true for the women of MTV’s The Hills, who are famous solely for allowing their posh lives to be filmed.

So after Hills star Audrina Patridge’s home was robbed this weekend while she was out watching the Oscars, she posted footage from her surveillance cameras online, hoping to put her audience to work. Patridge’s blog is run by Los Angeles-based startup Buzznet, which ran the footage (embedded above, replete with Audrina branding) on its Celebuzz site earlier this morning.

Of course, if you watch the footage, you might notice that the thieves appear to be well-dressed twenty-somethings…is it a stunt to keep the show’s fans buzzing in the off-season? A representative from Buzznet assured NTV that the robbery is legit. But surely the criminals were driven by some inner desire to be on MTV.

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