Scroll in Windows Without the Cursor Focus

wizmouseOne of the features of Mac OS X I use daily is the window scrolling even when the window doesn’t have the focus. It’s super handy when dealing with multiple apps. I don’t click an app to gain the focus, I just move the cursor over any window and start scrolling. Wouldn’t it be nice if Windows could do the same thing?

What’s that? It can?!? Son of gun, the Business Hacks folks apparently found the answer in a bit of freeware. WizMouse sends scrolling and mouse wheel commands to the window under the mouse pointer, whether that window has the focus or not. This 649KB download officially supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista. I’ll tell you a little secret though: I tested it and found that it works well in Windows 7 too. No need to tap on a window to gain focus before scrolling now!

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