Earlier this morning, after enduring days and days of dropped calls and errant network behavior, I quit on my iPhone. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it had to be done. I love my iPhone — but AT&T’s network failed me.

Earlier this morning, after enduring days and days of dropped calls and errant network behavior, I quit on my iPhone. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it had to be done. I depend almost exclusively on my mobile phone for my communications. Whether it be surfing the web, checking email, sending text messages or talking — my mobile is the center of my daily existence.

That being said, AT&T’s network just wasn’t cutting it for me. I even tried using a BlackBerry, but the network issues never quite went away. Then over the past few days, my iPhone was spending ungodly stretches of time “searching” for the network, the download speeds of web pages slowed down, and email — well that’s a whole other story. The static, the dropped calls and above all the shoddy call quality were enough to raise my blood pressure. And given my medical history, that’s not a good thing. The only feature that worked flawlessly: SMS.

I love my iPhone — but AT&T’s network has failed me. Apparently I’m not alone. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know how often I complain about it; my complaints always result in me receiving similar messages of frustration from other iPhone users. A status update on my Facebook page on the topic unleashed a flood of messages from people expressing abhorrence of AT&T’s service.

Anyway this morning, while conducting a phone interview, the call dropped on me twice. Enough was enough. A few minutes later, I went to T-Mobile’s company store and got myself a BlackBerry Curve 8900 for email and SMS. I also signed up for a plain-vanilla voice service from Verizon Wireless. And I already have a 32 GB iPod Touch for surfing and music. They can all be charged using the USB port of my Macbook, thereby obviating the need for extra chargers.

Is this an ideal solution? Probably not — but living with spotty service isn’t worth the trouble. The dream of living with a single device, a superphone, as we like to call it, hasn’t quite worked out yet, thanks to the network. Goodbye iPhone, it was nice knowing ya!

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  1. I have two phones my iPhone and my krazor from verizon wireless. If you have ever been in SF during any big event the AT&T network breaks down and also sends messages into some wireless purgatory never to be seen again. I agree it is no superphone it is still fun but I’m glad I have a backup phone.

    1. Wow, I have never really had any problems with my iPhone other than on a very few occasions. I live on the peninsula and down by San Jose and it’s always great for me. In fact every other phone I had ever had on the on Sprint network had been a nightmare of dropped calls and slooww services. Even after I got my Treo 650 on Sprint, still dropped calls. So, I have been ecstatic since I got my iphone through At & T. Who knew? Sorry guys…. I hope it gets better out there and I hope I don’t become afflicted.

      1. I seem to have stuttered grammatically with my fingers above. So I will try again.

        I have had the first generation iphone and also have the 3G iphone. I switched to it from Sprint after years of dropped calls and crappy customer service. I couldn’t even get a signal inside my house some of those years. I tried numerous phones as well.

        With both of my iphones I have not had any significant problems related to dropped calls, slow data or problems with email or texting. I live in the south bay area. My husband doesn’t have problems with his either.

        Good luck out there because I will never go back to Sprint. I’ll eat one of my iphones first.

    2. I have been a Verizon Crackberry customer for many years. I finally made the decision to go with the iPhone 3G s after my company added enterprise services for the phone. I have had the phone for about 30 hours and have a hard time getting through a single call without getting dropped. It is impossible to make a call from my house where I never experienced drops on Verizon. I have been out around town all day (Orange County, CA) making calls and there is an HUGE difference between the service providers. I am so disappointed because the iPhone is most definitely superior hardware and software. I am taking the iPhone back tonight and keeping my Verizon service and the BB Curve, as I know that I will not be happy with the service. A very sad day!

  2. I hear you. I’ve got a Bold and the ATT 3G network is a joke. Why aren’t you using Tmobile for voice?

  3. It’s sad, really. AT&T has the best phones and worst coverage. Verizon has the best coverage and worst phones. But the number one function of a phone is to be able to talk to someone. I don’t care how cool my phone is and how many gadgets it has if I can’t talk on it.

    1. I have to disagree with you austinandrew. Verizon Droid has been completely solid as a phone and data device for me on Verizon. And the Droid is definitely not a second class citizen. Besides voice and data at the same time on the AT&T network, the Droid matches the iPhone feature for feature minus a little polish of the interface. Whats more, the most important feature that I purchase a phone for, the actual “phone” has been absolutely rock solid on calls. I would much rather have a reliable phone that really can multitask apps than one with shotty service and the ability to do voice and data at the very same time.

      I ditched AT&T before the iPhone was even popular because of dropped calls, horrible service and down right rude customer service. The iPhone would be darn near the ultimate phone but is severely crippled by AT&T’s network. Maybe this flies for teens and 20-somethings, but when you have kids of your own that you need to stay connected with, dropped calls or no service at all just isn’t an option. The longer Apple stays exclusive to AT&T, the more time the competition will have (Android) to come up with the “iPhone killer”. They are almost there now.

  4. I have the same problem. Love my iPhone, hate AT&T. It’s so bad I have to physically get out of the office and walk across the street to have a normal conversation. AT&T sucks. Didn’t Apple figure this out by now?

  5. Stacey Higginbotham Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    And this is why I keep signing over my paychecks to Verizon even though they nickle and dime me to death. The network rocks. A device without a great network is like a pretty girl without any intelligence. She may be nice to look at, but you wouldn’t want her running your life.

  6. @parkite

    I am not taking any chance for voice. I am happy with Verizon. I got mixed response on T-Mobile so far.

  7. Michael Buckigham Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Om, I’m in the exact same boat as you. Even AT&T agrees that 50% of all my calls are dropped and when I was in San Francisco over the summer for business, I had to buy a pre-paid Verizon phone to avoid paying outrageous phone surcharges from the Hyatt Regency near Embarcadero. My wife wants to strangle me for switching our service from Sprint to AT&T when we got the iphones.

  8. I am sure you also got those who chimed in with “gee, here in So&So city, I have great coverage” – well good for them. But I have always suspected that a ton of iPhone users either just put up with lack of service or don’t care or both. I am in Austin, TX and I am supposed to be saturated with ATT 3G – but my 3 day experiment with an iPhone proved otherwise. At the end of the day, if you use your mobile as it is intended (a communications device), you have to have coverage regardless of the latest/greatest handset.

    The good thing is there are going to be lots of great choices in the coming months for all carriers – the Pre, new BB’s and new WM devices – so if one has to give up on the Jesus phone, they will still have some solid alternatives. Maybe you will not be as “cool”, but at least you will be able to make a call (and not have it drop).

  9. In our SOMA office, everyone with 3G iPhones turn 3G off in the office, and they don’t have any dropped calls. Of course, then we have to ask ourselves, “what’s the point of having a 3G iPhone? if you can’t use it?”

  10. Jason Throckmorton Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Out of curiosity, why not go with the G1? We’ve been having the same problems, but I’ve noticed that my first generation iphone gets better reception and is generally more reliable than the 3G models around the office. It’s a shame that AT&T’s network is so poor. Do you think Apple has some SLAs in their exclusivity agreement that would allow them to open up the iPhone to other carriers given AT&T’s performance.

    1. I completely agree i have the g1 and it works great via att or over wifi with skype. I bought the phone off of craigslist uner a hundred bucks and it works awsome and it is not jailbroken or the like. I love it!!!

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