Daily Apple: German Pears, Google Manners, & A Seinfeld Plea

PearC Starts Selling OS X Preinstalled, Backed by Law – Another company is challenging Apple’s belief in their unimpeachable right to be the sole company allowed to sell OS X on its computers. This time, the company is German, and they may have the law on their side. According to German law, Apple’s EULA for OS X is void because consumers can’t read it prior to purchase, since it’s inside the sealed box. We’ll see if that holds water in court.

Users Soon to “Prey” on iPhone – There have been rumors of fully functional first-person shooters arriving on the iPhone before, but Prey may be the first that’s playable and well-developed, if it does indeed come out in the next week or two like it’s supposed to. Watch for the non-accelerometer controlled interface, should be interesting.

Apple Asked Google Not to Use Multi-Touch, Google Agreed – Google seems less a competitor to Apple in the cell phone market and more a booster every day. First Google Sync launches on the iPhone, and now it comes to light that Apple politely asked Google not to use multi-touch tech in their Android OS, and Google politely complied. Then they had a tea party.

Leopard To Bring ZFS Support to Servers, Printer Drivers on Demand – If you get in your way back machine, you’ll find that Apple had originally planned to bring full ZFS file system support to the Mac with Leopard. Now, it’s looking like the desktop will again get passed up in Snow Leopard, although ZFS will come server side. Also, printer drivers will be on demand, so as not to add clutter.

Seinfeld, Microsoft Needs You – I liked the ads personally, and this article on CNET by Don Reisinger provides a stirring defense of the odd-ball Gates/Seinfeld team-ups.

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