– 23/6/HuffPo: Sarah Bernard, the former GM of HuffingtonPost (before current CEO Betsy Morgan was appointed in fall 2007) has left the com…

image23/6/HuffPo: Sarah Bernard, the former GM of HuffingtonPost (before current CEO Betsy Morgan was appointed in fall 2007) has left the comedy site, a month after it was sold by JV partner IAC (NSDQ: IACI) to HuffPo earlier this year. No word on where she is going next.

Paltalk: Paltalk, the NYC-based online live streaming company is losing its longtime president and till-recently its CEO COO: Joel Smernoff, the NYC Internet scene fixture, is leaving the company, according to an e-mail he sent out yesterday. He is starting a new internet venture called 960media, though no details of what it will be, yet. From his description: “we have a killer idea, a unique market niche, solid seed funding and an intense passion to help improve people

  1. 1. He was never the CEO of paltalk (evidenced by the fact that they are still alive and making money today).
    2. He was never a "fixture". I think lampshade is a better term.
    3. Web 2.0??? If I hear that insipid term one more time, I may heave.
    3. Once a brainless superficial lethario, ALWAYS a brainless superficial lethario.
    4. He had no ideas before and will have none now. This company is a face-saving cover for a failed career. This new "company" consists of a bunch of wasted investor money (just what this country needs now), all for a guy with the creativity of a gnat.

  2. Check out http://www.960media.com folks! What did I tell you one year ago! Smernoff is truly a brainless lothario (excuse the misspelling one year ago!). He married up and the fire is out of his belly now. Good luck ever seeing anything out of 960media. Wonder how his investors feel now… if there ever were any. Listen, folks, this guy describes himself on twitter as a “bon vivant”. hahaha. What a freakin egotistical prick. God have mercy on any projects which depend upon this arrogant Twitter Twit.

    This is typical of that brief period of time during which internet groupies congratulated each other on the latest dotcom scam they perpetrated on a teetering economy. They should all be boiled in oil and burned at the stake for making billions of dollars disappear while a tiny cadre of superficial “bon vivants” and a few lucky nerds got fabulously rich.

    God help us all against such wreckless fools. 960media! pffffft.


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