Customize the Windows 7 “Send To” Menu Option

Since it’s now a given that XP and Vista are going away in favor of Windows 7 for netbooks, now might be a good time for more Win7 tips and tricks. Take this one from the How-To Geek, for example, that deals with the “Send To” menu option in Windows 7. Like prior versions of Windows, this is one of your options when right-clicking an item; it does what it says: it sends a copy of the object to the option you choose. The default choices with a normal right-click are the Desktop, a Zip folder, a fax or mail recipient, or any additional drives connected to your PC.

Holding the Shift key down while right-clicking offers far more choices as shown below:


It seems like there should be a happy medium: the default choices are limiting while holding the Shift key and clicking provides too many choices.

The How-To Geek offers an easy way to customize the default choices. Simply type “shell:sendto” (without the quotes) in the location bar of a Windows Explorer window. You’ll see the default choices here.┬áNow you can pull any of the defaults out or you can add locations you want in the standard list with a simple drag-and-drop.

I don’t anticipate faxing anything, so I’ve removed that option. Likewise, I wanted an option to send files to my Downloads folder, so I’ve added that.


The end result? I don’t have to remember to press the Shift key for the Send To options I want when right-clicking an object. The Send To –> Fax Recipient is gone and I now have a way to send items to my Downloads folder with a simple right-click.


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