The Super Bowl May Not Be Ready For The Small Screen, But Advertisers Are

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imageThe mobile phone will definitely qualify as a 12th man during this year’s Super Bowl, but don’t think it’s going to get any playing time on the field. Fans will be able to use their phones to interact with advertisers, enter contests and even get news and information on their phone — and perhaps in larger amounts than ever before — but they will not be able to watch mobile video of the game. Mike Wehrs, president and CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, was quick to put out a press release this week, emphasizing the synergies between mobile and live events: “The popularity of combining TV programming with a mobile element, such as Deal or No Deal have shown that today

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Mariana Oliveira

This year Superbowl had diversified campaigns. Not only recognized brands invested in this kind of approch, but others found a great opportunity to sell their apps, like Thummit.

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