The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a second bill on Thursday that would allow broadcasters to drop their analog signals on Feb. 17 as origin…

The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a second bill on Thursday that would allow broadcasters to drop their analog signals on Feb. 17 as originally planned — or not. The first bill passed on Monday would require all broadcasters to wait until June 12 to move over to the digital signals exclusively, but the House squashed the plan by voting against the bill earlier this week. As a compromise, Reuters reported that the Senate modified the bill, so that the delay would be voluntary and TV stations could go ahead with the switch if they wanted. The measure now goes back to the House. The delay is intended to give people who receive TV over the air and don’t have a newer TV more time to get up to speed. But a voluntary switch makes for an odd compromise. Is the Senate hoping in that scenario that people would at least get some of their channels? Full story on mocoNews.net

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  1. What a crummy compromise for the local stations, who now will be on point to suffer any complaints as this is now a "voluntary" move.

    I think this is particularly spineless on the part of the Senate. Rather than stake out a position, they're happy to let local markets fight their battles for them.

  2. This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard yet. The switch over has only been public knowledge for a few years and now 2 weeks before the deadline they want to delay it? And now a civil liberties group wants to get involved? Can anyone point out which article of the constitution defines the RIGHT to television? Make the switch and people will be out buying their converter boxes by the end of the week guaranteed. End of discussion.

  3. Please… the date has been set for ten years now. Make the switch. If people think your serious they will get their act together. We have three tv's. Only one is ready for the cutover. I suspect quite a few are in the same boat. One tv is ok but the rest are questionable…

  4. The switch will leave about 67 mil. people with no way to recieve any EMERGENCY INFOMATION. It should be a hey day from am/fm raido. Even though the Lobbyists, FCc and Lawyers have won… The people loose again

  5. If there are people that haven't purchased a converter, a newer TV or don't have cable do you really think waiting until June 12 will make ANY difference. The answer should overwhelmingly be NO. I think the wait is ridiculous. I do agree that some viewers may be disenfranchised. They wont get the emergency broadcasts. How did people get emergency information prior to TV. I believe it something called a radio. A decent radio CAN be purchased for less than the value of the coupons the government dished out. I actually got a brand new weather radio for free.

    If we say certain TV viewers wont get their favorite TV show anymore. Is that really a good argument? NO. Extending the time frame to June is meaningless. If you say wait one more year, that MIGHT make more sense.

    -Crazy Cooter

  6. Nonsense. Make the switch now. We have waited long enough.

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