I grab a notebook and head out the door to work quite a bit and it seems that each time I do so I have to give pause and decide what gear to take with me.  On the one hand I usually have a netbook to […]

I grab a notebook and head out the door to work quite a bit and it seems that each time I do so I have to give pause and decide what gear to take with me.  On the one hand I usually have a netbook to take, small and light and powerful enough to handle most of what I need to do.  On the other hand I can grab a full notebook like the MacBook and take it instead.  In my case the decision is not straightforward as the MacBook is not that heavy (5 lbs.) and has a 13-inch screen that keeps the size down.  Netbooks usually have a 10-inch screen and weigh in about 2 lbs so they definitely are easier to carry with me.

The netbook decision gets hard to go along with when a 6-cell battery becomes part of the mix as that usually pushes the weight of the device up to the 3 lb. mark.  It becomes harder to decide as the size/ weight gap narrows.  I figure that a few of you have the same decision to make before you head out the door so here’s a poll to see what the collective thinks.  Do you usually grab the netbook or the notebook if you have the choice?

  1. I usually take both on work days. Right now I’m blogging from Peet’s Coffee & Tea. I was using the Mini 2140 while I was eating my snack and drinking my coffee. Once I the table was clear I pulled out my MacBook Pro to do some heavy lifting.

    When I’m not working- just out and about I can count on the netbook I keep in my car.

  2. GoodThings2Life Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Where the heck are you people with Netbooks hanging out at, because I just spent the whole day yesterday in Orlando, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh airports coming home from a business trip, and while I constantly saw people with laptops sitting around I didn’t see a single netbook. In fact, the smallest things I saw was a Dell Latitude D420 and my own HP Pavilion tx2525 that I recently picked up from Woot.com.

    Maybe I’m just getting old and my vision is betraying me, because netbooks must be a lot smaller and inconspicuous than I expected, lol. Or maybe I just don’t spend enough time in coffee shops, because I only saw two Macbooks too.

  3. I usually grab my netbook (1000HA) when I’m out and about – not only is it smaller lighter (10″ & 3.2lb rather than 15″ & 6.5lb) but it allows me to take a small REI backpack (just big enough for my portfolio, netbook, paperback & ipod) instead of my full laptop back.

    When I need something on the big lappy, I access it via logmein – best of both worlds.

  4. Xavier, see, to me taking two notebooks defeats the advantage the netbook gives you. If I need the “heavy lifting” then I’d just bring the bigger and more powerful notebook. I don’t see myself ever taking two laptops with me.

  5. It’s times like this that I’m glad that my Fujitsu U2010 weighs around 1.5 pounds – with the 6 hour extended battery.

  6. bluemonq, can I borrow it? For a while? :)

  7. I’m leaving my Netbook at home if all I need is a computer. But I have a “smallish” TX2000 with a 12 inch screen. If I have to carry a lot of other stuff, like 20kg of cameras, then I’ll take the Netbook.


  8. A notebook….. small one though, quite the same as a netbook now, my Fujitsu FMV T70U…

  9. I’d like to see the following poll: What’s the main draw of the netbook? Is it the form factor? price?

    If a company could make a solid notebook at netbook prices, would you opt for the larger one?

    Just wondering…

    I opt for the netbook, but I mostly use it around the house for surfing and NetFlix viewing.

  10. JK,

    I have a reasonably portable NOTEbook (thinkpad x200) and a NETbook (eee pc 701). I suppose with the newer bigger screens and bigger batteries, the netbooks are quite a thrill. But tack on the battery and it weights roughly 3 pounds anyway. The slightly heavier notebook doesn’t bother me, and is better at everything. I don’t really carry the eee pc. I thought I would, which is why I bought it. But with a good laptop like your new macbook, there’s no real need. You have a spare battery too I read. What’s the point of spending more money on half a computer?

    The only good netbook with a bigger battery is the hp mini. The lenovo s10 requires that you are a student or something strange. I don’t like the eee pc keyboard. All the netbook batteries cost almost as much as a laptop battery!!! Take the real computer out, no compromises.

    UNLESS – you are on vacation and don’t need the laptop. I had to lug a 9 cell battery with my old laptop, and the charger, when all I used it for was checking email. Then I would use a netbook. When traveling, pack efficiently right?


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