Preview iPhone Apps With AppTheater


AppTheater is a new site with an interesting concept — provide videos of iPhone/iPod touch applications allowing you to thoroughly preview before you buy. Hundreds of videos are already available, and the site has a respectably wide coverage of most popular App Store games.

The creators of the site provide a little more background about the idea for the site:

How many times have you bought an app on the App Store only to regret it? AppTheater is the premiere video sharing site devoted to iPhone and iPod Touch games. We’re here to promote games and save you money — preview games before you buy them.

How Does the Site Work?

In a very similar way to YouTube, you’re able to browse videos by application category, tag, or through a search facility. Clicking on “Channels” will show all the various categories of application — at present, almost all the videos featured are games, with very few (if any) in other categories such as finance, travel and sports.


This isn’t necessarily a problem, as games are certainly the most difficult apps to appreciate without a video demo — it’s fairly obvious from screenshots how a currency converter or weather application will function when purchased. Links to various apps are included from within the interface, taking you directly to the App Store.

The more you dig down into the site, the less populated and ‘busy’ it would appear to be, with only a few members in various categories. Hopefully this will change as popularity grows and additional applications and filmed and uploaded. As with any socially orientated site, as the user base increases it will have a great deal more value.

I’ll be interested to see how AppTheater expands, and whether it becomes a useful tool for researching iPhone/iPod touch apps before purchase.


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