Kodak zi6 HD pocket cam comes to Mobile Tech Manor

m7029_ekn035874enzi6_fl_black02_250x200You’ve no doubt heard (or seen) that Kevin recently purchased a Kodak zi6 HD Pocket Cam.  This little camera came with Kevin to the CES and I was so impressed with the video quality and small size of the zi6 I ordered one of my very own. It was hard to pass up as it was only $130 on Amazon.

The little jewel showed up today and I’ve been having a blast playing working with the zi6 doing test video.  It blows me away how something so small can shoot video so hi-res and the audio quality is really good.  This means that my video reviews will be much better quality going forward.  If you need proof just wait for my video review of the HP Mini 2140 netbook which will be appearing soon (as in later today).  :)

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