More and more people are using their iPod Touch devices to access the Internet, making it one of the fastest growing mobile Internet devices. Together, with iPod Touch and iPhone, Apple is becoming the king of the Mobile Web. At least for now!

ipodtouchApple’s iPod Touch devices might have been a hot gift over the holidays, according the data released by AdMob, a mobile advertising start-up. Apparently the iPod Touch requests more than tripled worldwide from November to December, with a particularly large spike in requests the week after Christmas. So much so, it is now the second most popular device in the AdMob network, with 4.7 percent share. iPhone is still the most popular device.

The U.S. accounted for 70 percent of iPod Touch requests in December. iPod Touch showed good growth in Canada, the UK, Mexico, Germany and France. Combined, the iPhone and iPod Touch represent 15.5 percent of all worldwide requests. In the U.S., the iPhone OS (if you include the iPod Touch) now accounts for 48 percent of the smartphone market.

highlight_dec08 The strong sales (as indicated by the sudden spike after Christmas) of iPod Touch would make this device a bit of an x-factor in the smartphone business. Today, Apple may not be able to sell as many smartphones as RIM or Nokia, but it can still offer its app developers a bigger pool of users, thanks to the iPod Touch. In doing so, it keeps the iTunes App Store relevant, which attracts more applications. It was earlier reported that sales of apps jumped right after Christmas.

  • Smartphone share increased from 22 percent of total requests worldwide in May to 33 percent in December
  • Symbian is the No. 1 smartphone OS worldwide with a 41 percent share.
  • Worldwide RIM has a 10 percent and Windows Mobile has a 9 percent OS share. Both are strongest in North America and Latin America.
  • Android already leads Symbian in North America with 2 percent of OS share.
  • In the U.S., Palm had a 9 percent share in December, declining from 20 percent in July.

Source: AdMob Metrics Report, Dec 2008.

The iPod Touch makes a lot of sense for people who don’t want to sign up for an expensive and lengthy two-year plan for the iPhone, who simply can’t stand the patchy nature of the AT&T network, or who simply want a thinner device with longer battery life. I have been so frustrated by the AT&T network, and like millions of others I often end up using Wi-Fi to surf the web, check the email or simply use Truphone. I can do all that on an iPod Touch. So now I am considering getting rid of the iPhone and switching to a simpler voice-only service from either Sprint or Verizon.


In closing, despite a slight plateau in the web traffic emanating from iPod Touch, it is still up considerably, and over a period of time, the iPod Touch will become an increasingly important booster of the mobile web.

  1. Well, my house was part of this at Christmas. We got my son an iPod Touch and that thing has been on the web ever since Christmas morning. His battery barely gets through the day (even though he is at school for 6-7 hours) because WiFi is always on. Remarkable little device (coming from a Dad who does not really care for the iPhone).

  2. When buying an iPhone, most people focus on the “i” and forget the phone. link. But ATT has to be hoping that people don’t start realizing that an iPhone with crappy voice service = the iPodTouch with a larger phone bill. The only other limitation is whether people are willing to carry 2 devices.

  3. I have an ipod touch and a good cell phone with Verizon and this way I get the best of both worlds, b/c I do not have to subscribe to a data/internet plan with Verizon, and I can do multimedia messaging with Verizon. Until ATT or Apple fixes the issue with multimedia messaging, I’m not sold on the iphone.

  4. I bought an iPod touch after looking at both the iPhone and the iPod touch. I’m happy with my choice. I didn’t want to switch to ATT and I love that I get all the benefits of the iPhone without the crappy ATT phone service :)
    One of my friends thought it was too expensive to get the iPod touch but when you add in the cost of service the iPhone is truly the more expensive device in the long run.

  5. unlocked iphone + tmobile service is the way to go…..

  6. @monal – T-M is not necessarily the best if you don’t have good coverage in your area. And ATT can be excellent if you are in the right place. Each carrier has its own pros & cons.

  7. I agree with you and this is only the beginning. Apple pretty much already has a two-year lead understanding the next rev of hardware and software they need to deliver and are working hard at it.

    Faster processors, better screen resolutions, better cameras and perhaps RFID for mobile payments or wallets.

    The biggest challenge as you mentioned in your comments above, is AT&T and the reliability of their network. The buildout of the 3G network has not gone well. The iPhone certainly exposes the weakness of the infrastructure and one can only hope that they will catch up to the demand of these advanced handsets.

  8. I’m in the same boat as lizmoney – very happy with my Verizon mobile phone and grabbed an iPod Touch after Christmas. I just wasn’t ready to give up Verizon’s superior service when the Touch still gives me all of the features I want as long as there’s Wi-Fi nearby.

    Also, was concerned about having my iPod and phone lumped into one device. If it were to fail, like my iPod classic did three months ago, I’d be without both. There’s a lot to be said for all-in-one, but it increases the risk if the “one” up and dies!

  9. Om, I can’t believe you are trying to use Sprint. They have the worst customer service, the worst history of ripping of customers. Their collection practices are downright fraudulent. Just look at the customer complaints online. Verizon’s just a bit better

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