Asus IS Shifting their Keyboard Approach

Huzzah! It’s true! Asus is indeed modifying the keyboards in their Eee PC line! Before CES, we heard reports of Asus revamping their Eee PC keyboards so that the Right-Shift key was in a more traditional spot. While I was literally Eee-shooting Eee-pictures from alongside him, Brad Linder was chatting with the Asus folks. He’s reporting that the new keyboard layout will be on most every new Asus Eee PC going forward. One exception is the T91 convertible touch-eee, feel-eee netebook, but considering that’s still a semi-concept device, we can always hope it gets the change as well.

In honesty, not everyone cares about the Right-Shift key as much as I do. It’s a challenge I jumped on right away when I noticed on a netbook and I haven’t stopped barking about it ever since. But as I said earlier this week: netbooks are already using a compromised keyboard in terms of size, why further compromise with non-standard key placement? In any case, I suspect most Eee PC layouts will look what Brad saw recently in a manual for the 1002HA & S101H.

Asus Eee PC keyboard design

Asus Eee PC keyboard design

Call me crazy, but the Eee PCs will definitely make the cut on some people’s “netbooks to consider” list after this. I feel more productive just thinking about this. R-eee-ally!

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