CES trip is near- what am I taking?

The big trip to the CES is tomorrow and each year we always share what gear we are taking with us to cover the big show.  The gear loadout has changed significantly each year and this trip is perhaps the biggest change yet.

The show is so massive that it is common to walk 5+ miles per day to cover just a fraction of the show.  Experience has driven home the need to go as small and light as possible and I believe my gear loadout is as small as possible and yet still provide a complete computing capability which is important.

Read on to see what I am taking and I’ll share why I am taking each gadget.

Gear list:

MacBook- 13-inch aluminum (extra battery not pictured)
Casio ex-p505- 5 MP, still and MPEG-4 video
iPhone 3G- for liveblogging from the show floor
Mini-tripod- extends from 12-inches to 18-inches for still shots (not pictured)
Kingston Mobilelite USB multi-format card reader
Mophie Juice Pack- iPhone 3G extended battery
Verizon USB727- EV-DO USB modem for WiFi-free zones
Netgear travel router- WGR-54

Here’s what the kit looks like:


That’s it, you’ll have to admit it’s as small a kit as possible and yet still provide the ability to give full show coverage.  Here’s the list to go with the photos above, L-R:

Image 1: MacBook, Netgear travel router (small black bag), Mophie Juice Pack, USB727, Kingston Mobilelite USB multi-card reader, iPhone 3G

Image 2: Closeup of everything in the front row of Image 1

Image 3: same as Image 1 with the replacement of the iPhone 3G with the Casio EX-P505 camera (which took all the other photos)

Image 4:  Netgear WGR-54 router in bag to show how small it is

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention (and show) the Monster Outlets-to-go that always accompanies me on trips.

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