1. I can sypathize… One of my photos was stolen off of Flickr for the Trail Guru iphone app icon. I’m not sure yet how to approach the developer about it. I’m fine with him using the photo but would like to be credited for the shot at the very minimum since it’s a free app.


  2. @Devon B.: You should absolutely pursue this (you could report this to Apple for example). It is absolutely not OK to use someone else’s images/photos/artwork/software without consent. While these guys may give away the app for free, they most certainly are trying to squeeze money out of it through their web site and ads in the application. And it actually doesn’t matter at all whether or not they’re giving it away. They’re infringing your copyright and you shouldn’t let them get away with it.


  3. Have you notified iStockPhoto of the infringement? Stock photo companies are very strict when it comes to copyright abuse… I’d expect him to receive legal notices immediately demanding payment (and likely more than the “face value.”)

    Apple would probably also remove the app from the AppStore if a DMCA complaint was filed with them.

  4. This dood just got got on the internet.

  5. one can buy icons for less than 99 usd. some of the icon designers are happy if someone asks them to design some artwork. on the other hand it might be an ‘advertising deal’. right now trillions of mac and iphone users read this post and now know for sure that istockphoto really exists…

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  7. So then it would be fair of me to ask the Trail Guru developer for $100 USD for a one-time non-exclusive license agreement for the usage of my photo to represent his software?

  8. He wouldn’t even need to buy the extended license. If you read their site it says the extended electronic resale license if you are going to resell the image as part of say a template for e-cards or website templates, etc. If he is taking the image and then using it to build an icon he would only need to purchase the image which he could get for like $14. This is just pathetic. If he can’t/won’t pay for the image how can he expect people to pay for his app? Not to mention if he is willing to let that go out with the watermark then you can only guess how crappy the app will be.

  9. looks like he’s changed the icon on the site (unless it was always different) after the backlash, but still hasn’t changed the “Week Number of the Year” app

  10. HerbertKornfeld Monday, December 29, 2008

    When Loan Lite was first introduced into the App Store, it had a Pixelmator watermarked image for its screenshot. It’s since been fixed, but I thought it was funny enough to capture. Nothing infringing here, but still amusing. You can see it at http://bit.ly/15ZDq.

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