Last week, Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) finally admitted defeat for the once highly ambitious Voom HD service, announcing that it would close the…

Last week, Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) finally admitted defeat for the once highly ambitious Voom HD service, announcing that it would close the domestic service early next year rather than continue with its own cable systems as the only distributor. Today, the company estimated in an SEC filing that shutting Voom down in the U.S. would result in a Q4 charge of between $45 million and $65 million as it writes down programming, equipment and other assets. Of that, some $25-to $27 million in cash will go to cover programming fees. Cablevision and its Rainbow Media Holdings subsidiary, which includes Voom, blame Dish Network’s decision to drop the service for its demise; Cablevision sued the company for $1 billion for breaching a distribution agreement earlier this year that dated back to when it was EchoStar (NSDQ: SATS).

  1. Howard F. Schneider, MD Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Much of what cablevision televises is terrible. I love hockey and trading stocks.

    I watch CNBC and CenterIce. I also love music and art. Voom HD has the art

    channel(Artland) and the music channnel(RaveHD). I think cablevision' s de-

    cision to pull the Voom HD service is a major blow to anyone with an edu-

    cation beyond the 8th grade. I think they should be expanding the Voom HD

    service. I know it's about the money. But how much money is enough?

    The Dolan's own the New York Knicks.They also singlehandedly blocked

    the Westside stadium. Power and wealth doesn't make you right and they

    are wrong on this one.

  2. we need to let cable vision know what we want and are willing to pay for!!!!!!!!!!
    email the hell out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. upset. I loved the Kungfu channel a lot. I am upset with cablevision. They should lower our rates since we have less channels now even if it was free.

  4. Im very dissapointed with cablevision because they promiss more channels in high definition free and the voom channels were great specially the kunfu channel , the Mosnter channel etc. and now I have 15 high def channels less .
    I hope that cablevision gives us more high def channels free or else lower your prices . THANKS


  5. I totally agree with Howard regarding the 8th grade education. Voom was the jewel in the cablevision system. That's what set it apart from Time Warner, Comcast, the Satellite systems, as well as Fios. Like most of us HD TV's & surround sound systems represent significant investments in equipment. I did not do that so that I can watch the American Idol. The specialty of being able to flip on a foreign film, a concert, auto action, exotic travel destination, or even a really bad 50's horror film (which were lots of fun to watch), all commercial free represented in my mind what "Pay TV" is all about. Unique content, with limited repeated distribution so that you could catch up on something that you missed. Instead we are forced to accept B or C rated programming Swill, loaded with commercials, which is broadcast in 4:3 up converted std def and have it passed as HD.

    Question to All: Would you be willing to pay extra for Voom channels and possible expansion? If so, how much more it is worth to you. I am curious to see the results & comments.

  6. Kristie Jackson Saturday, January 24, 2009

    I am pissed. I turned to my favorite monsters HD channel when I got home from work only to be slapped in the face with elevator music and a horrifying message that it is no longer available. I called them and waited on hold for a half hour before speaking to a very rude cablevision employee. We need to call them and email them relentlessly. We need those voom channels back.

  7. Yes!!!! WTF happened to my favorite channels? I feel robbed! I can't let this go down without a fight.

  8. What a shame. Rush HD was my favorite. I didn't watch too many other Voom channels, but i'm sure they were good.

    On Voom's web site, it says nothing about it. My guess (hope) is that Verizon will pick them up. I like Cablevision's not paying extra for HD, but when there's nothing on that I want to watch, I can't justify it as a "savings".


  10. Cable is losing a long time triple pay package customer. I thoroughly enjoyed the informative, educational and original content that Voom offered. We, the customers should have been notified about it and asked if we would have liked to keep Voom and expand on its network. To replace with lower grade commercial TV, is an insult to my intelligence. I feel every customer should call and e-mail Cable to voice our needs, not the Dolan brother’s needs. They are not in tuned with their customer base, which is as varied and interesting as was the content of Voom. We should not let this move on by us without giving Cable a concern that they will be losing all of their customers. Unfortunately it has to be done in a manner that has money attached to our fight. It’s the only language the Dolans understand. Let’s collectively get moving forward to get Voom back on the air. If anyone is interested to do something about this, contact me, zurias@optimum.net


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