Netbook enthusiast web sites getting C & D using term “netbook”

This is very preliminary but we are hearing that some netbook enthusiast sites are getting “cease & desist” letters from a firm in the UK ordering the sites to stop using the term “netbook”.  The letters claim that the term netbook is trademarked by the firm that produced the Psion netBook in the early 2000’s.

We have not received one of these letters but have corresponded with a site owner who did receive one and they were ordered to remove the term “netbook” from content by March 2009 or face legal action.


Our research into the matter shows that the Psion Teklogix firm who produced the Psion PDA line years ago did in fact produce a Netbook and Netbook Pro device.  The Netbook device was a small laptop form that ran the firm’s EPOC operating system and was a cross between a PDA and a laptop.  The Netbook is amazingly similar to the netbook of today with the exception of the operating system which was quite advanced for that time.

The Netbook device was discontinued by Psion but it looks like they still make accessories including batteries for the Netbook.  You can find a review of the netBook on and the video below shows how it resembles modern netbooks.  We’ll provide updates on this development as they appear.

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