Qwest Prices Go From Insane to Merely Pricey

Qwest this week said it would lower the price of its 20 Mbps broadband service to $59.99 per month — a drop of 40 percent from its prior $99.99-per-month price tag. But before we get all excited, let’s be real. Qwest’s original prices were not in line with other options out there for 20 Mbps. Comcast charges $62.95 for its Ultra package with 22/5 Mbps (soon to be upgraded to 30/5 Mbps), and Verizon wants $52.99 forĀ  20/5Mbps and $64.99 for symmetrical 20 Mbps service. Cox charges users $59.99 for its premier tier, which ranges in speed from 15 Mbps to 25 Mbps uplink. So yay to Qwest for realizing that its cash-strapped customers could use a break that broadband providers in other areas of the country were already offering subscribers.


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