Control your desktop with your iPhone with new LogMeIn Ignition

logmein-iphoneNo matter how big a geek you are there is something remarkably cool about controlling your desktop computer from your phone.  LogMeIn has long been one of the premier providers of remote access software and services and they have just released LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone.  This app lets you connect to a computer using the iPhone and interact with the desktop screen just like you were sitting right there.

Of course the screen is a lot smaller on the iPhone but LogMeIn squeezes it all to fit but lets you pinch and zoom to your heart’s delight.  I can see this as a boon to the IT professional who frequently needs to log onto someone’s computer to fix a problem.  LogMeIn Ignition also works on the iPod Touch.  You can pick this program up through the App Store but it will set you back a cool $29.99 making it one of the most expensive iPhone apps we’ve seen.

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